Monday, March 10, 2014

Sweat N' Style Party

Hey Loves,

Let me say THANK YOU to everyone that came out on Saturday to sweat it out with me at my very 1st blogger event. It really was an amazing time. About 30 young ladies came out to Pearl Studios in Midtown dressed in their great workout clothes and a bundle of energy. My Sweat N' Style class was to celebrate my 3 years of blogging. The class was a mixture of zumba & a salsa class. It was nice to see the plus size women come together to workout. And to see all of them enjoy themselves really warmed my heart.
sweat n style class
There are soooooooo many people to thank in this process. But 1st I want to say thank you to Lola Getts for sponsoring my outfit for the day. It fit my perfect, held me through the class and just right for the theme of tonight.
Lola Getts Active

fat girls workout
Time to sweat!

plus size women exercise
Feel the burn!

fat girls exercise

plus size women exercise
We didn't stop moving

after workout sweat
My mom got her work out in, water never tasted so good lol
Andrew my instructor for the day was fantastic.
Andrew Hickman and Shainna Tucker

The lovely ladies were the winners of  the prize giveaways from Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, City Chic, Becca Etc Swimwear, and Lola Getts.
prize winners

Foxcroft blouse
Tiffany from Foxcroft. She was amazing to work with during this whole process

Again thank you to all the young ladies that came out. Thank you to the entire Foxcroft team for sponsoring. Thank you to Justin Anderson of Black Crown Lifestyle for my flyer. Thank you my mother, and my guy Rashad for all their help & support. And thank you to all the brands that donated to the giveaway.

Be sure to check out the video on Youtube! 

Until Next time loves


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