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Mixing Prints

2:21 PM

Mixing Prints

Hey Loves,
This is the 1st time in a long time where I'm actually posting an outfit on the day that I wear it. This morning I headed back to the city for the Summer collection launch for Gudrun Sjoden. It was a cute breakfast viewing at their store on Greene st. in soho. I wanted to pull something that was fun and spring-ish, and what better way to rock spring with mixing prints!

Now you guys know this skirt from last summer. It's actually a maxi dress from Forever 21. I found it randomly stashed on a rack. And because I'm tall maxi dresses just look a mess on me. So if I do decide to wear it as a dress I like to tie a knot to spice it up.
Hat: Gifted| Top: R/H| Skirt: Forever 21| Shoe: Shoedazzle
Mixing Prints

Mixing prints isn't always easy. In my opinion you have to find a good balance with your prints. Because the print in my skirt isn't so heavy so it goes great with my top that is much heavier.
Mixing Prints

I was determined to shot down in Soho. Even with this ugly van in my shot, the scenery is just the best. Thank you to Zach who got some great shots, He's awesome.
Mixing Prints

Smile! I kept the makeup simple. My Urban Decay Naked 3 palette is my 'go to' this spring/summer.  
Mixing Prints

How do you guys feel about mixing prints? Let me know. Until next time loves.


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  1. mixing prints is hard for me, like i hardly have a balance but im trying to slowly get more into it. i love how you mixed your dress and the top, I actually have the dress in white and will try it out!

  2. I don't have the "mojo" to mix prints successfuly I mean... But I would like to do it! You look great!

  3. Shainna TuckerMay 7, 2014 at 6:12 AM

    you are so stylish, beautiful, catchy ... can here it here pobudet?




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