Friday, July 11, 2014

Safe & Stylish in the Sun

Hey Loves,

I'm super excited to write this post. Now that summer is FINALLY here one thing that we have to remember to keep our skin safe while taking in the glorious sun rays. The awesome people at HSN reached out to me to put together some style ideas using Polyvore that will not only keep you stylish but safe during the summer months (or year round for my warm weather loves). Well actually they asked for one look buuuuuuttt ya'll know I don't follow rules lol So let's hop into the looks I pulled together.

I call this look Summer Parade. Here in NY/NJ there is always a street fair or carnival or some kind of parade going on. Me personally, I like to look stylish, (cause I mean I never know when I might run into one of you guys lol) but also comfortable. One staple that should be in your closet is a nice kimono. They are great to keep you covered so the sun isn't too harsh on your shoulders, but you won't die of heat exhaustion either lol They come in a variety of FABULOUS colors and can be budget friendly. 

You can pair it with a simple top or a fun's up to you. Put it with you favorite shorts, sandals, toss on a cute bag & your sunnies and go enjoy your day.
This one I call summer brunch. The one thing that is synonymous with brunch is a great sun hat. A sun hat can really take an outfit from simple to chic immediately. Pairing your sun hat with a great printed summer dress, you will absolutely turn heads. 

For this look I couldn't decide if I like the flats on the small heel so I put both lol Sure it seems like a lot of black, but the red lips and mirror glasses adds even more character. Be sure to enjoy those bottomless mimosas. #CHEERS

No summer is complete without a trip to the beach right? When on the beach only a few things are super important. Your sexy bathing suit (self explanatory), an equally sexy sarong or cover up (it's needed for the walks on the boardwalk) your sunnies and fantastic sandals. Oh & of course a Pina Coolada.

If you're like me and enjoy being in the sun make sure you take care of your skin. Because we all know sunburn is a no no. For more info on HSN products, be sure to check out their Skin Care are on their site.

Until next time loves.



  1. Shainna TuckerJuly 11, 2014 at 6:44 PM

    ah i love it!!! the first one i really want to find and wear now . the other two i could use year round since I just moved from the NE to West. Great suggestions. I really need that read fringe shirt lol

  2. Shainna TuckerJuly 16, 2014 at 8:47 PM

    Such cute outfits!