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ATGC on the Scene; Isabel Toledo Party

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A Couple weeks ago (I know I'm sooooo late) I had the esteemed pleasure to run elbows & even speak with the brilliant fashion designer Isabel Toledo. You all should know by now that I am a huge fan of her work. And especially since she has her collaboration with Lane Bryant the plus size woman never has to worry about being chic & fashionable.

Isabel Toledo is just a fascinating woman. I had the chance to speak with her for a bit. It was breath of fresh air to speak with a designer that really made a choice to understand the women that shop her clothing. Keep reading to see my interview with this amazing woman.

ATGC: What was your inspiration behind your collaboration with LB? 
IT "Making clothes for beautiful women. I want women to have the joy of fashion. At literally any price & at any size. Fashion is the most democratic thing in the world therefore when Lane Bryant approached me about doing plus size I said today! In my own collection I have all sizes. My sister is size 20 so I'm comfortable with curves. I make beautiful clothes. I love designing and that's what it's about. Making clothes that women feel comfortable in. Comfortable so they can feel empowered. Because they're not just dressed casually meaning we're not thinking about it. I am thinking about it. I want to make beautiful clothes. Honestly Its about designing with good proportions That's it.

 ATGC: What was your process like?
IT: First I do have a mannequin I have a size 20 mannequin. which is beautiful, everyone says they want to dress her now. She's not a little stick thing. So it's easy for me to drape the fabric. You know you get to see the lines. You get to see the proportions that work best. Also for me fabric is a big part of designing and it give all kinds of textures. It's kind of simple....and boring the technique. The technical part of designing is what I really love. So I love the opportunity to be designing. And this is why this collaboration is so enriching for me. Because I get to play. Because you know I have a small company. It's very specific, and it's all made here in New York which is really fantastic. But it's got a limited amount of distribution So Lane Bryant gave me an opportunity to go mass. And that was a pleasure because you get to touch more people. And at the end of the day, that's what it's about. That's what it is to make clothes. It's having that communication with other women.
Lane Bryant CEO Linda Heasley looking fab in Isabel Toledo
ATGC: What has the feedback been like for you?
ITOh my God, you know what...really appreciative! Because I think everyone feels that I care.

ATGC: What's it like working with the Hubby? What's the dynamic like at home?
ITWe're 2 Aries...that's that creative juice. We're really lucky because we really like each other. We like to work with each other. We like to inspire each other. We challenge each other & I hope that this is the case for most people.
Snapped a pic with Isabel! She loved me in her dress.

ATGC: If you weren't designing what else would you be doing?
ITGardening. You watch things grow. It's very nurturing. You see process. You understand life very simply from watching something grow. You that it needs water. If you care, it will survive.
This coat is EVERYTHING!!!
ATGC Ben & Jerry's or Hagen Daz?
IT:Grew up with Hagen Daz...met Ben & Jerry's & now I'll take them both

ATGC: You favorite Halloween Costume?
ITOkay one time I went once in a joking suit. one of the really tacky ones. We both [referring to her husband] went in joking suits.
2 of my favorite looks

ATGC: What Advice would you give to young designers & young women?
IT: Work hard and don't give up. If someone says no, go in the other direction. Open another door. 30 years later I'm still a young designer. You know I just don't give up. I'm a very strong willed person . If you love what you do, you'll keep doing it. Because you love. And that means you're stepping forward on the road in the whatever direction that you want to go. Don't regret anything because it's all a part of learning. And apply everything that you learn. Every mistake, & it's fine because it's all a part of the process.

So as you can see Isabel is so full inspiration and advice that stems beyond fashion. She was such a delight. The second she walked in it was party time. I was thrilled that she loved me her lace dress from her last collection. Her husband is super cool. According to my guy, both Isabel & her hubby loved him in plaid. It was nice to be among other bloggers, industry heavy hitters & of course the amazing people behind the Lane Bryant brand.

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  1. Shainna TuckerOctober 6, 2014 at 10:06 AM

    Great interview! The Toledos are such fun, inspiring people to be around, and you really captured that here. Sad I missed you at the event!


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