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Dear Kates

9:55 AM

Hey Loves,

I'm super excited about this post. I had the chance to shoot with Dear Kates the other day. When it was FREEZING out! Dear Kates is an awesome underwear line that really puts thought & ingenuity into the construction of underwear. You all should be familiar with Dear Kates they are the company responsible for the photo response to Victoria Secret's perfect body ad. I was in model mode for them shooting their underwear & yoga pants as a part of their Hazel Sport Collection.

As I mentioned, I love this yoga pants. I put them on with ease, they were easy to move in and actually kept my legs relatively warm. The thought put into these pants make them a great purchase, they do have a small discreet pocket in the front for your id or keys. And my favorite feature, they don't give you a camel toe. Win & win!

The yoga pants are available for pre-order, and they don't have to be just for yoga, you can wear them for any an all activities. The pants come in full length like what I have on below, and calf length. If you like shorts, they come in 3 inch & 7 inch. 

There underwear is available in plus and will make you rethink the underwear your wear to the gym. Trust me when I tell you. They come in 3 cuts, Hipster Full, Hipster Mini, & Thong

Even though it was colder than life the day we shot I really had an amazing time. The 2 other ladies I shot with were truly awesome. Both of them have run multiple marathons, and were so welcoming and treated me as an equal.

I can say it felt good to not get winded during the running shots, and to be seen as an equal on set. Thank you the entire Dear Kates staff you guys are the best. Shout out to Grace & Alexi, I had a blast shooting with you 2 and I wish you both the best with your future plans. Don't forget to stop my to buy your awesome underwear & pre-order your yoga pants.

Until next time loves.


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  1. Congrats on your success! The ballet and lunge poses were breath taking!

  2. This was amazing and what an amazing opportunity! I'm so looking into this brand now. It's funny how underwear is something we probably (or at least I don't) think about enough. :-)

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  3. This is simply fantastic!

  4. Beautiful! Lovely shoot & review. (:

    ♥ | | xoxo

  5. Great post!! You look gorgeous

    Please let me know if you would be interested in following eachother on GFC and Bloglovin.Would love to stay in contact.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves




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