Impromptu Park Fun

6:20 PM

Hey Loves,
There's nothing too special about this outfit. But I was out & about in the park & I realized just how beautiful the foliage is outside. So I quickly ran home to grab my camera & I ended up finding some amazing lighting. You all know me, it was perfect time to hop in front of the camera. I was to excited to get home a look at them on my laptop.

Sweater: Love Marks via Lord & Taylor| Dress: Forever 21|Tights: Lane Bryant| Booties: Payless| Bag: H&M (Old)

When I saw haw great the lighting was, I couldn't stop snapping photos. I love the yellow leaves on the ground, the background was perfect. 

I just may do a tutorial on my pipe cleaner curls. The responses I've gotten since putting them has be overwhelming to say the least. Every one at work, my family, my blogger loves,you guys on my social's just been amazing. I love the outcome of my locs when they are curly, it's I hate the process of curling my locs. But for you all I just may take the time to film how I get such a tight curl for my locs. 

I am IN LOVE with these tights. They were sent to me by the awesome people over at Lane Bryant. They are perfect for the cool weather and for the holidays that are coming up rapidly. These booties I got last week from Payless. They were a last minute find, but I'm so glad I got them. They are super comfortable to walk in and can go with pretty much any outfit. Be prepared to see these often.

There you have it loves! Sometimes catching the beauty at random allows for really amazing photos.


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