12 Days of Holiday Outfits; Black & Gold

Hey Loves,

Loo number 10 is Black & Gold. I absolutely adore this Adelle Dress from Igigi. When I saw it on their website I knew I wanted to wear for this series. The dress itself is timeless & classic. It fits great & is perfect the holiday season. Well really any time of the year.
Dress: Igigi| Heels: Payless| Clutch: Fashion to Figure

I opted to give some cleavage with this look. And wear the straps a bit off the shoulder. But if you are someone that is a bit more modest, you don't have to show as much as me. Also if you noticed, I don't have on a necklace. I actually couldn't find something small enough for this dress. I think a simple necklace would be a perfect compliment to this look.

There you have it loves. Look number 10. We're nearing the end, it's crazy. When all is said & don't I want you all to let me know which look was your favorite. See you in look 11. Until next time.


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