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Plus Size Women SHOULD shop Lilly Pulitzer for Target Line

11:10 AM

Hey Loves,

I wanted to give my perspective on the new Lilly Pulitzer designer line for Target, which offer extended sizes online. I have been seeing a lot of articles, blog post & forums expressing why the plus size shopper is upset with Target. And why we shouldn't shop the line. While I understand your frustration I wanted to offer my 2 cents and maybe a different perspective on why we plus size women SHOULD shop & spend our money on the new Lilly Pulitzer line. I didn't have a chance to attend the preview a couple weeks ago, but I've seen the pictures from the new collection & I plan to buy a couple pieces.

The truth is, it's not enough to just to boycott Target, we have to show & prove. Brands base their future plans for designs & fashion on whether or not we shop. What I think we all have to understand is that, brands, PR companies, & major corporations see & read our the discussions we have on Facebook or forums or comment sections on blogs. And seeing a lot of dislike can translate to no spending which means the extended sizes won't last very long. If we shop, more than likely brands will feel more confident in offering more designer lines. Personally I think this is all a test. They want to see if we will in fact buy. They want to see if the extend sizes will do well. Because truth is we didn't spend on the plus lines when they were in stores, which is probably why they pulled it from stores. This industry is about money. I don't believe that they are out to alienate us.

I'm not sure why Target decided to offer the extended sizes only online, but for me it's no different than shopping the plus size section for Asos, River Island, Boohoo or Missguided +. Think about how often we shop Simply Be, Evans, Dorothy Perkins, Rue 107, Nakimuli, Monif C; which are brands that are exclusively online (for us here in the states). Or how often do we shop Forever 21's website because they offer more options online than they do in stores. Some of us even shop online for Lane Bryant or Ashley Stewart & they have actual locations. Multiple stores including Macy's Lord & Taylor, JC Penney & Sears offer online exclusive fashions for both plus & straight size. So for me the idea of the Lilly Pulitzer line being only online really isn't so "left field". I think we've become so accustomed to walking into Target and possibly buying.

I get it, for us plus size women, we like to go in and try on our clothes, and we know that the designer lines at Target with tend to cut small. So I understand the need for wanting to physically have them in stores. But we shouldn't let that prevent us from buying. This is the true test to see if we live up to our word. If they offer it, we will buy. Let's prove companies wrong; plus size women will shop & spend money.

I truly believe that if we don't support the line, or they see a lack in sales, that could really hinder any future designer lines offering plus size. Then we will be right back at square one, and another blogger will boycott Target all over again. Who knows this can be a step in the right direction to mending the relationship between the plus size consumer & Target. If you've been following Gabi, Chasity & Nicolette, I'm sure you can expect something amazing to come. 

Until next time loves.


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  1. I agree as I shop online for plus size constantly as i"m based in Australia and need to shop internationally to get pieces I love. I like to have choice and that includes online flexibility.

  2. My comment seems to have been eaten by Disqus or something. Long story short, this post is wack. Kinda surprised to see a plus size woman who's so beholden to the fashion industry.. like we're lucky to get what we can, and should thank the heavens when they decide to lavish their pretty clothes on us full figured women. Give me a break. By the way, there would be no plus sizes in this (or any other) designer Target line had it not been for the boycott. Making plus size women jump thru hoops with their (just as valuable) consumer dollars and forcing them to buy the bulk of their clothing online is problematic. It's essentially another form of body shaming. I saw your other post about plus size women not complaining about price, uh yeah. You missed the boat on that one too. The problem is when plus sized women are charged MORE for the same swimsuit/ outfit that's carried in straight sizes. That's the disparity that most disagree with. Meh. Unfollowing your blog now. You can't be about body positivity and yet tell women to show and prove when they did nothing to be excluded from fashion in the first place. Gotta pick a side. Peace and blessings, tho.

  3. I will try , I cant say no until I actually take the time to ship it to the store and try it on an take it back if it doesn't fit. Thats the only good out of this being online.



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