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HookedUp Shapewear Review

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Hey Loves,

You all know I am a huge advocate for shapewear. So when the awesome people over at Hooked Up asked me to review their shapewear, I jumped at the chance. I've worn HookedUp before so I knew actually doing a post would be a no-brainer. I've worn MANY different brands of shapewear but HookedUp is up there with my top choices of shapwear.
I'm sure some of you are like what is HookedUp. It's the ultimate solution to a problem that so many of who wear shapewear deal with. Ask your self how many times does you shapewear start to roll down...I'll wait! 

HookedUp provides quality shape wear that hooks on to your bra to prevent the shapewear from rolling down and basically cutting into your skin. Not only will that be more comfortable for all day usage, it gives a better silhouette to your clothing. And that's ultimately the reason for wearing shapewear in the 1st place. 

They have 3 options of shapewear; The high waist shaping brief, high waist shaping mid thigh & high waist shaping slip. I chose the high waist shaping brief simply because I tend to like my shapewear without legs. It allows for me to wear different length dresses, shorts, skirts & even pants without my shapewear showing (which is a big no-no). It runs true to size, and is comfortable enough to wear all day. The brief does have hook & eye closures in the crotch area which allows for easier access when having to run to the bathroom. Having been wearing this for some time, it's light weight but still has great hold, it isn't bulky so it can be worn under something as simple as a t-shirt.

As s suggestion, I would NOT wear this without the hooks attached. I tried it for a day, just to see how that would work out...it's a no-go. When you do wear this shapewear be sure to have the hooks attached (I mean cause that totally defeats the purpose right lol)

The 1st time I added the hooks, I will say it was a bit of a task getting into while keeping the the hooks attached. But the more I wore it, the easier it got, and now it's pretty much second nature. It does work with all kinds of bras including strapless bras. When you 1st open the packaging, you get your shape wear of choice, instructions on how to get hooked up, 2 straps with 2 hooks already attached & in small plastic pouch, 4 EXTRA hooks. (My advice...keep the extra hooks in the little pouch. Because you don't want to loose those.)

How it works...
  • Lay your bra with cups down
  • Attach the hooks to the back straps of the bra (for strapless bra attach to bra hooks)
  • Step into like you would a 1 piece bathing suit
  • Hook your bra
and you're done.....

There you have it loves, I thoroughly love my hooked up shapewear. I highly recommend it be something to add to your shapewear collection. In my previous post, my collaboration with Promgirl.com, I wore my HookedUp Shapewear which truly worked perfectly. The silky material allowed for the dresses to slide over my shapewear with no problem which allowed for me to get in & out of the dresses easily. See you in my next post.


This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are mine.

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