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Prom Girl 2015

11:48 AM

Hey Loves,

I'm so excited to finally have this post go live. I've been working on this for almost a month now. Last month, I had the chance to attend the fashion show from I did an event recap here on the blog. You can check it out here. After the show I wasted NO time reaching out to the marketing & PR team, because I wanted to collab with them. If you've followed me for some time you know that every year I do a post for all my loves heading to prom. But this year I wanted to do something a bit different. So when I got the chance to review a few of the dresses from I immediately went into blogging/planning mode.
First I have to say how GRATEFUL I am to my guy for being photographer & videographer for this shoot.I had a clear vision of what I wanted and he executed everything to my liking. And as always he made sure to catch shots that I probably wouldn't have thought of getting. He truly is the best.

Now on to the dresses!

All 3 dresses are from They care plethora of gowns for prom as well as other elegant special occasions like sweet 16, homecoming, or quinceañera...the list goes on. They also do offer gowns in extended size, which is why I was so excited to work with them. It's very important to me that my curvy loves have options for very elegant, chic, fashion forward & age appropriate dresses to make them feel like the bell of the ball. All 3 dresses do come with scarf/shall in case you wanted a little extra coverage. 

This gray dress caught my eye because of it's simplicity. It does come in different colors so if the gray isn't for you then that's fine. The top fit my bust line perfectly, I didn't have to readjust. So I'm sure if you're out on the dance floor you should be okay. I will say, that this dress was way to short for me, but that's the problem with all long dresses for me. Also as a side note, this dress does come with removable straps. I choose to forego the straps. But if you need an extra bit of support, you have that option.

The jewelry was borrowed from one of favorite drag queens Sasha Renee. 
The clutch which I'm soooooo in love with is from Aldo. I got it on sale at one of their outlet stores. The bracelet is one of my favorites Swarovski charm bracelet my mother gave to me when I was 13. I've had it for so many years and it always seems to the perfect addition to classy look.

The dress caught my eye from the very beginning because of the color. I was like OMG this would be great against my skin color. Then when I got the dress in the mail and saw it up close, I was in love even more with the detail in the front. This dress was longer the great so I was able to do a lot more with it. I has more of a circle skirt bottom, perfect for twirling which you KNOW I did lol. Like the gray dress, this dress does come with a pair of removal straps. But I will say, you WILL NEED the straps. During shooting I had to constantly pull the dress up which was did become a bother after a while.  

If you don't want to wear the straps, I suggest wear clear straps that come with strapless bras, and you can wear the scarf as halter. As seen in the picture above.

This great dress was my ABSOLUTE favorite for obvious reasons lol I love sparkle, I love bling, and I love the feeling of being elegant which this dress totally gives me. You definitely will need a strapless bra, as this dress does not have straps. You bra MUST be nude or be low plunge do to the mesh V panel in the front. I didn't realize that until I started taking pictures. But once the back is laced up, I was in this dress for good. I didn't feel like was spilling nor did I have to constantly pull up.

The length is a bit short on me, but ladies do keep in mind I am 6'0 in flats and wearing heels. For my more average girls, this dress should fit you just fine. But I have to say I really in enjoyed the layering of the bottom of the dress. It moves beautifully when I walk, which I think every dress should do.

There you have it. A few looks from some of the popular trends for plus size prom dresses. Be sure to check for more dresses. I promise you, you won't be disappointed. See you all in my next post.


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