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Starting NutriSystem

10:00 PM

Hey Loves,

The title pretty much speaks for itself. Yes on Monday Oct. 5th for the next 3 months I will be trying out & reviewing the NutriSystem program. Let me say that they are sponsoring me for the next 3 months, but this journey is all about me and my health. Many of you know I am quite active, I'm always a girl on the go. But with my schedule, I am just LAZY in the kitchen. Even meal planning on Sundays for is like UGH! On top of that, my budget just does not accommodate the food lifestyle I would love to live.

I've been reading up on NutriSystem for a couple years now, but never actually took the plunge to try it out. But lately my body hasn't been feeling the same. Although I'm on my feet all the time, walk 3-4 miles is super easy, making it through a Zumba or Latin Heat class is super easy for me, I still feel sluggish. And I figured, it's clearly not the activity but what I'm eating.

When i got the chance to try out Nutrisystem, I jumped at the chance. I thought this would be perfect for me. I can lay out my meals of the week, throw them in a ziploc bag, put them in the fridge and pull them out each day when I'm on my way to work. Having gone through all the options I was sent, I'm really excited to start my journey, and see where my body is in 3 months.
If you've been following my blog, you know I've done CeCe's #PspFit bootcamp a number of times. It is an amazing program for plus size women who are all about having healthy curves and feel supported. I said it then, and I'll say it now, I DO NOT workout or eat healthy in order to be skinny! I DO NOT do this in order to fit a smaller size in my clothes. I do it to be a HEALTHIER me. I know when my body feels off. I know when I don't feel right. Joining NurtiSystem is about my health & me taking the right steps to feeling better.

I really want to bring you all along with me on the journey. I think you all would help keep me accountable. Be sure to check back every week for my updates. Thanks for reading & wish me luck.

See you in my next post.


This post is sponsored, but all expressions and opinions are my own.

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