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Hey Loves,

Last night I had the awesome opportunity to stop by one of the 13 US locations for Rigby & Peller Lingerie. They are a world renown luxury lingerie company based in the UK that is all about creating an experience when buying undergarments, sleepwear & swimwear. They have dressed many of Hollywood' s A-list stars, but their most esteemed "client" is H.M Queen Elizabeth II. Yes the Queen herself has experienced the same quality & professionalism of Ridgy & Peller's Lingerie Styling.

Rigby & Peller has been in business for 75 years and has perfect the art of Lingerie Styling, allowing women to feel & look their best under their clothing. They understand the the right bra can do wonder for a woman physically & mentally. So when I got a chance to experience my own Lingerie Styling session and was quite excited.

The staff take their time getting to know you, what you like, what's lifestyle like, are you wearing the proper size, what you're looking for in a bra etc. They make the experience personal so that when you are trying on bras, you know you are wearing a bra that is perfect for you. Sadly my phone died during my fitting, but I can tell you this was the best time I ever had trying on bras. I'm so use to wearing molded ups, but when I tried on a few of this lace bras that don't molded cups, it was so refreshing.

Their New York store is located on 5th Ave. and is one of 13 locations her in the US. They also have 42 locations worldwide including the UK, China, Germany, Denmark and soon Dubai. They carry 20+ brands & 90 sizes ranging from A-K cups/30-46 bands. I love that Rigby & Peller wants to make sure every woman has a luxury experience and walks away with a undergarments that fit her life but she can alternate through depending out outfit or season as opposed to having 1 basic bra for everything. (I'm so guilty of that.)

Be sure to check out their website to find if there is a location near you. If there is you need to set up a Lingerie Styling appointment ASAP. You'll thank me later. I also know that they are a bit pricey, and while I know we're all on some sort of budget for whatever reason. But I promise you, this will be an investment in yourself. Think of it as splurge item, or a treat for yourself. It's totally worth every penny.

Check out their website and be sure to follow them on social media.

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