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Chew Your Food: What I've learned my First 3 Days of NutriSystem

10:28 PM

Hey Loves,

As you all know or should know, I have started my NutriSystem program. I did a starter post on why I went with NutriSystem. You can check that out here. I have just completed day 3. It's been a shift definitely. But I'm doing good so far. I've been getting in all my water, having pre-packed my meals makes getting up in the morning super easy. And I've been really sticking to just the food sent to me. Which is saving me A LOT of money lol.

Honestly for me the major change that I have to make with this process, particularly this 1st week, is chewing my food. Yes you read that right, chewing my food. It may seem simple, but I've always been a fast eater. I don't allow my food to fully digest so I end up being hungry again much quicker after a meal. But with Nutrisystem, everything is pre-planned so I can't just take from the next day because everything will be thrown off. The 1st day I felt it the most. 

While I am a fast eater, all of my food is portion controlled. I can't just go back and get a second plate. THERE IS NO SECOND PLATE. lol I can't gobble my food down and be done. I have to take my time, take smaller bites and really force myself to chew my food. About 10 years ago, my Aunt underwent gastric bypass surgery. And I remember her telling me that as a apart of her process after having the surgery, the nurse would tell her that with every bite of food they should count to 10 while chewing. To ensure that all their food was properly chewed and easier to digest. 

That story always comes to mind when I'm eating. Now I don't necessarily count all the way to 100 but I count to about 30 or 40. I also couple my meals with water. So as I'm eating, I'm drinking my water. That does help me to fill up faster and feel filled longer. I know that once my 1st week is up, I'll be allowed a little more options in between my meals. But for now, my goal is to make sure I chew everything thoroughly. #NSNation


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