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My 1st Eye Exam & Some Cute Glass

4:27 PM

While this post is sponsored my Socialstars & LensCrafters all thoughts & opinions are my own. #ad #sponsored #LensCraftersCrowd

Hey Loves,

If you've been following for sometime you know that I have been in collaboration with LensCrafters, which I must say has been quite interesting. I had the chance to stop in my local LensCrafters store to get my 1st eye exam EVER! I've never had issue with my eyes, nor have I ever needed to wear glasses. So I was quite excited to go through the process. It was simple eyes, and I walked away with host of information.

I know some of you are like why do this if you don't have to. Well to be honest both of my parents (mom 58 & dad 60) wear glasses each for different reasons. My mom can't see distance, but can see up close. My dad can't see close but can see distance. I figure when I'm older I'll either have really good eye sight or really bad eye sight. 

Once I arrived I filled out the paper work and went in for the preliminary test. They check for glaucoma, general sight, your peripheral vision & size of your eye. This part was quick & easy.

Once all of this information is collected I finally met with the doctor. She did her own set of testing on my eyes. For the most part she said that my eyes are healthy. I have no major issues to be concerned with. However I do have minor astigmatism. I honestly wasn't at all surprised because I do notice that when I drive at night, the glare from oncoming traffic tends to bother my eyes.

The inside of my right eye...pretty cool huh!?!?

Shout out to my doctor for letting me have these selfie moments after everything was done.

Now for the fun for frames. I was like a kid in a candy store. Frames on top of frames. At one point I had like 6 frames in my tray. Almost all of them were designer brand (why to go Shainna lol)
Clearly the cat eye look is what I was going for.
My top 4 choices.
I did take home a whole bunch of stuff to keep my glasses in the best shape. And since you all know that I LOVE sunglasses I'm pretty sure I'll put all of this to good use.

I ultimately settled on these super cute simple blue frames from Vogue Eyewear. They are so fun & quirky...right up my alley.

I have to say I'm so happy that I had this opportunity. I've never had an eye exam, but it was totally worth the trip. I love my new glasses and I'm looking forward to being able to see & drive without needing to squint. Thank you to the awesome LensCrafters team for this opportunity. 

See you all in my next post.


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