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How to Find Your Style

11:00 AM

Hey Loves,

This post was inspired by one of you. A young lady reached out to me via my FB fan page asking how does someone with no style (her words not mine lol) can learn to find her signature style or own fashion sense. When I sat down to write this post I  had to look back at my own style journey. Because I know my style has definitely evolved over the last 5 years as a blogger. So let's get started.

The truth is, asking how does one become stylish or how does one find style, is a very loaded question. Mainly because style & fashion is subjective. You have to find what you like, because at the end of the day you have to wear the clothes.

1. Understand that style is evolution
What you're wearing now will change with time or even with what's happening in your life. What you're wearing in college will change once you enter grad school or when you start a new job or when you become a mother etc. 

2. Wear what works for you & not for someone else
We all get inspiration from different places; magazine IG, bloggers etc. But they are just that, inspiration. How I or another blogger will wear something doesn't mean you have to wear it in the same way. Put your own spin or touch to your outfit. It will fit you better.

3. Be open
This one can go many different directions. A lot of times we get caught up in getting the exact outfit on the mannequin or we don't allow ourselves to experiment with our clothes that we put our own self in a rut. It's fine to see a top on 1 mannequin and pants or a skirt on another mannequin and fuse them together. Sometimes that may take a little bit of creativity to see beyond what's exactly in front of you, but finding your style requires your creativity.

4. Experiment
This is important because you will begin to see what you love, like and don't like. Experiment with color or print or textures or cuts, or a trend or silhouette. We need to get out of the idea that because we are plus size we shouldn't or can't wear something. If you want to try on that pencil skirt, or shift dress or jumpsuit, try it on. They only way to find out if something works for you is if you try it. If that means you have to go to multiple stores then so be it.

5. You will have hits & misses
Even me as a blogger sometimes I'll wear something & it's like I'm slaying for all the Gods. And then other times I'll wear something & it's like um no girl STOP. And that's fine. You are not going to hit the mark every time, something your tried on in the store may look completely different when you get home. Fashion & style is about trial & error. So when you come across something that you would consider and "error" don't get discourage, just keep it moving.

6. Fit & Flattering
I know some folks hate the word flattering. But when something flatters your body, it doesn't mean it makes you look skinny. It means it fits the body you have in the way it's suppose to fit. When your clothes fit your body correctly you will get more wear out of it

There you have it loves. Finding your style is all about you. Take your time, and find what works for you. Happy Shopping. See you in my next post.


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