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Rewriting Your Self Care

2:47 PM

Hey Loves,

How many times has your close circle constantly remind you to take care of yourself? How many times do you tell yourself I need to unplug from the world? How many times do you say I'm going to take a solo vacay this year? Now ask yourself how often do you listen to your close circle, do you actually unplug, did you take that vacation? I know in today's world, we as women are constantly moving, but taking time for self care seems to be something we don't often. I'm guilty of all of the above.

I'm partnering with Always Infinity again to talk all about the little things I can do to make sure I include self care on my ever growing 'to-do' lists.

For me going to my favorite Zumba class leaves me feeling ultra energized. Even after a super long day of events, blog pictures and editing. Especially during that dreaded time of the month, when all I want to do is be lazy. But Always Infinity's Smartfoam/Flexfoam allows for me to be comfortable during class like any other day. It contours to my body and keeps me feeling confident because my mind is on how my body is moving & grooving to the music of class, not wondering if I'm still protected.
Polar FT4 Watch & Zulu Water Bottle

After sweating my butt off, I need to unwind. Many times I have to force myself to not just take a basic shower and sit down with my laptop & work. I have to remind myself to slow down, take a hot bath to calm my muscles and just reflect on the day. 

ArtNaturals Bathbombs
Once I'm ready for bed, I'm learning to take a page of Marie Denee's book, of removing the work energy and just relax. I'm often very wired, thinking about the next video to film, or the next post to write. I like to grab a glass of wine, light a few candles and munch on a couple of candies (because why not?!) 
Seattle Chocolates
To some these things may not seem like a lot of self care, but it's the little things that help me unwind and relax me. Tell me, what are some of your favorite ways of self care?


This post is sponsored by Always Infinity through Socialstars. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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  1. Alison ElizabethAugust 4, 2016 at 12:20 PM

    This is a nice post. I think it's really important to unwind and take time for you. I like to find time for me by finish the evening with a peppermint tea, a couple of pages of my book and 5 minutes of mindfulness. I've been using the Calm app which is great.



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