My Four Favorite Foundations

Hey Loves,


I have to be honest, I’m coming into this makeup game super late. I never use to wear makeup, and if I did it was nothing more than lame eyeshadow and a REALLY bad eyeliner job. Even in my early years of blogging I NEVER wore makeup. Sometimes when I look back at my old post, I’m like OH GOD!!!! But the more I got into blogging I realized makeup is a must. It’s about pulling my whole look together. My collection is growing. So for this post I listed my 4 favorite foundations for women of color.

Picking the right foundation for me starts with 3 main points.

1. It’s really is all about coverage. That is my 1st question when choosing a good foundation. Having hyper-pigmentation, full coverage is a must.

2. I look for the the “undertones”. I have yellow undertones. (If you’ve all seen a picture of my mother you know it’s true). Some foundations make me look a bit too red, which can be fixed with powders but I rather just get a foundation to match from the get go.

3. I look for finish, I get quite oily throughout the day so I tend to gravitate toward foundations that give me a nice matte finish. Sometimes I’ll dabble with a dewy look (mostly in the summer time) but those days are few & far between.

I personally like liquid foundations because powder foundations just don’t give me the coverage I desire. I also tend to stay away from cream foundations simply because they tend to feel heavy on my face & fall into my smile lines, even with primer! Le sigh!

My top 4 Foundations 
Covergirl Queen Collection 3 in 1 Flawless Foundation Q825 Golden Honey
This is my go-to all time favorite foundation! I literally swear by this one. Like I can never go wrong with this foundation. It gives me perfect coverage, it dries matte and I don’t get shiny throughout the day.


Nars Sheer Matte Foundation Macao
My 1 & ONLY high end foundation. So I only wear it for special events & evenings. Even though the word sheer is in the name, there is nothing sheer about it. I get amazing coverage and it last all day without me having to use powder. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s totally worth it.


Revlon Color Stay 400 Caramel
This one grew on quickly. I wanted A LOT of Youtube video reviews about this foundation & when I picked it up, I was quite pleased. I literally last ALL day and gives me great coverage The only downside for with this foundation is that I seem to get extra oily with this foundation. But I love it so much, it’s nothing a bit of powder won’t fix.



Black Opal Foundation Stick Beautiful Bronze & Heavenly Honey
I do mix 2 shades of the Black Opal foundation sticks. When paired together it gives me the perfect shade. This is a cream stick so I don’t wear it often, but when I do It perfection.


There you have it loves. My 4 favorite foundations. I hope this gives some options to those of you looking to buy a new foundation, new to makeup or just looking to try something new. Let me know in the comment section below what your favorite foundation is, whether it be drug store or high end. Until next time loves, I’ll see you in my next post.



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