Getting Healthy with Jenny Craig

getting healthy with jenny craig
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Hey Loves,
I know! I know what you’re thinking. “Shainna joined Jenny Craig” MAJOR GASP! I am getting healthy with Jenny Craig. But I have to say that I’m 100% excited about this whole process. The truth of the matter is, the holidays got the best of me and my body started to respond. That is always a tell tale sign that I need to get it together. I’m an active person on a daily basis, but my problem is always the food. So when I was approached to team with Jenny Craig, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to do this because I wanted something that will help jumpstart my healthy journey. I wanted a program that can set me up for success down the road. I’ve said many times when it comes to working out and eating healthy, I have no desire to be skinny, nor do I have a desire to meet “society’s” standard of healthy and beauty. I’m doing this so I won’t be pre-diabetic by the time I’m 30. I don’t like feeling winded walking up stairs. I like being able to make it through my weekly Zumba class with the same intensity from start to finish. I’ve been on my JC program for 3 weeks down 10 pounds. (Results not typical. Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. I received promotional consideration)

So why Jenny Craig? I have multiple reasons why I wanted to do this; accountability, structure, support.


The 1st thing I really like is that you’re assigned a consultant who will help guide you throughout your time on Jenny Craig.  Before you receive any food you have to meet with your consultant so they can get a better understanding of who you are. Throwing low-calorie food at you won’t help you at all. Believe me, I’ve been there and done. Your consultant will get the obvious information; weight, height and body measurements. These are important so you can really keep track of your progress.  My consultant is Susie, and she is AMAZEBALLS. Susie made a point to get to know me. She asked about my life. She asked about the blog. She asked what do I do on a daily basis. She asked how active am, and what are my normal eating habits. She asked do I have a support system at home along with a host of other questions. We talked for well over an hour. I like that I was able to build some sort of rapport with her. I’ve done other programs in the past and quite honestly, they didn’t do a thing for me because no one was really there to hold me accountable. I like programs that tell me what I need to eat and when. For members who don’t live near a center, Jenny Craig Anywhere offers one-on-one support through consultations over the phone or via video chat. Each week, your Consultant will work with you on your menu, discuss any challenges from the previous week and determine a plan for the week ahead.  Plus, your consultant will keep track of your success with weekly weigh-ins and teach you how to self-monitor

getting healthy with jenny craig

My 1st-week menu, and starter kit


One thing that Susie made sure to tell the first time we met was, “This program will work if you work the program”. That is 100% true because, in my first week, I lost 5 pounds. Honestly, I was not expecting to lose that much. But because I stuck to my meal plan that was given to me in conjunction with my working out, the 5 pounds came off easily. Based on a number of different factors, which are discussed in your first meeting with your consultant, you’re assigned a structured caloric meal plan each week. Originally I was supposed to have a 2300 calorie a day menu. Both Susie and I thought that was a bit too high. As an alternative, she offered me the 1700 calorie a day menu with an optional menu that offered options if I needed them. So basically I needed to stick with the 1700 calorie menu if I find that I am still hungry I have 600 extra calories that I’m allotted each day. However, for me, the 1700 calorie menu was perfect. I eat 5 meals a day; breakfast, lunch, dinner & 2 snacks. So I’m eating roughly every 2-3 hours along with drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day.

Results not typical. Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. I received promotional consideration

My week 2 menu

30-day water challenge chart. Each cup if an 8-ounce class.

Your daily meals consist of the JC food that is given to you. (Which I have to say is actually good. I’ve had some other food from different programs, and it was subpar.) As well as salads, vegetables, and/or snacks that you have to add on you own. In your start guide book, there is an extensive grocery list to help aid you when shopping for your add-ons.  Your add-ons are accompanied by measurements. So instead of saying have a salad, it’ll say 2 cups of a garden salad. One issue that I would have in the past, even when eating healthy was portion control. So I was over the moon about learning to measure my food. This program is meant to give you tools to be able to make healthy eating easier and attainable for you once you leave the JC program. So by starting to measure my salads or my yogurts now, I’ll be able to keep it up when I’m done with Jenny Craig.


The entire staff at the JC location that I go to are just a bunch of amazing women. They have all done the Jenny Craig program at one point or another and have found great success with it, and are now making it a point to help other men and women achieve success with JC. They are there to answer any and all questions. If you find that you are struggling one day or week with your meals, they are there for you to call up, stop by, or email. In my past experience with health journeys, I succeed much better when I have people in my corner. I want to keep going when I know there is someone rooting me on.

My final thoughts so far.

I am only on week 2 of my program and I’m pumped more than ever. What’s important for me is to take it day by day. Assess my menu each day. Make sure to have a bottle of water with each meal. If I know I have to travel, I pack my meals and snack so I am not tempted to stop and buy a food while on the move. I post my menu and water chart on my closet door, so it’s in plain view every single day. I can’t miss it even if I wanted to. I go even further by check off each meal and my water intake for the day. I would be lying if I said there aren’t times when I’m not tempted. There have been moments when I’m out, and I think to myself, I’ll just grab a latte or when my dad makes burgers, I’ll just have 1 burger. There have been moments where I feel hunger creeping up while I’m out. My natural cravings don’t magically disappear on this program. I just have to learn to work through them and make the right choices.

I hope you’ll stick around for more of my updates with Jenny Craig. See you in my next post.



disclosure–I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Results not typical. Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. I received promotional consideration.


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