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Hey Loves,

It’s August 4th and I’ve officially completed month number 2 of my 30 Day water challenge. If you remember my post from July 4th, I completed 1 full month of drinking a gallon of water a day. You can read all about it here. I wanted to keep going another month, so here we are August 4th month number 2 down. Yes everyday I drink a gallon of water a day. And when I tell you, my body and skin feels amazing….I’m more hydrated than I’ve ever been. I will be embarking on month number 3, of drinking a gallon of water everyday for 30 days, but this time I want to bring YOU along with me. That’s right, I want to invite ALL OF YOU to join in on #ATGC30DayWaterChallenge. Below you will find water intake minimums for the next 30 days as well as tips & tricks to get through your 30 days.

Yes you read that right, I want you all to join me in my 30 day water challenge.

Minimum daily water intake

2 liters= 66 ounces


1 Gallon= 128 ounces

I personally will be drink a gallon a day (1 Gallon = 128 ounces). If you cannot do a gallon a day, I totally understand. However for this challenge I want you all to drink at MINIMUM of 2 liters, that’s 66 ounces.  If you can surpass 2 liters, go for it! You MUST drink 2 liters. For those that want to go all the way, your MINIMUM is 128 ounces. No matter which minimum you go for, as long as you get your water in everyday, you will see an amazing change in your body! Be sure to let me know how you’re doing by tagging your photos on social media with #ATGC30DayWaterChallenge. Let’s do this together!

Here are so tips & tricks to get through #ATGC30DayWaterChallenge

Take it 1 day at a time

30 days does seem like a long time. So you want to take it one day at a time, one bottle at a time. Focus on that day’s water intake, not 2 or 3 days ahead. 1 day becomes 2, that becomes a week and before you know it a month has gone by.

Track your water

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to remember the amounts of water I drink. So I make point to track every single bottle of water I drink. There are tons of water tracking apps that are available. I personally like to use my fitbit app. Which ever water tracker app you like, use it. Just make sure to record your water once you’ve finished each bottle. Trust me, you don’t want to be calculating ounces at night lol.

Use fun water bottles

I love fun water bottles. Anything that is colorful, practical and usually with a fun straw is right up my alley. My usual go-to bottle is my Swell 24 ounce bottle.

Get it in how you can

if you prefer eight 16 ounces bottles or one 128 ounce jug…get your water in the best way you can. Some days I’ll drink two 50 ounce bottles and two 16 ounce bottle which comes out to 132 ounces. Some days I’ll drink four 32 ounces bottles. It doesn’t matter how you drink your water, just drink it.

Don’t Quit

I’m telling you getting your water in will get hard. Some days I found myself trying to guzzle down 64 ounces cause it’s 10pm and I’m trying to finish a gallon by 12am. There have been days where I realize that I’ve gone 4 or 5 hours without drinking water. At that point it’s very easy for me to just say screw and not drink my water. But I can’t let myself down. So on those days when you feel like you don’t want to drink your water….that’s the time you need find the nearest bottle and drink. On those days when you fall short of your daily goal, go hard the next day to make it up.

I know it’s hard, but you’ll thank yourself later.

I hope you all are ready to embark on this challenge with me. Remember as you go along, if you share ANY photos on social media, be sure to tag them with #ATGC30DayWaterChallenge. Let’s help get each other through the next 30 days. See you in September 4th.





  1. Courtenay
    August 6, 2017 / 2:05 pm

    Yesss! I am always trying to remind those around me about increasing their water intake. Water is so important!! Love this challenge. Your tip about having a fun water bottle is so true. I have one Nalgene water bottle that I bring EVERYWHERE lol. Anyone who knows me knows that thing is always on me no matter what.

  2. Kristy
    August 12, 2017 / 5:14 pm

    I wish to join the 30 day water challenge

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