Lane Bryant Teams up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Lane Bryant Team up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

As we all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Lane Bryant teams up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to bring together breast cancer survivors for one awesome dance session. My mother is a 5 year breast cancer survivor. So when Lane Bryant reached out to me to be a part of their video in collaboration with BCRF, I jumped at the chance. My mother unfortunately couldn’t make the video shoot so I felt even more empowered to be there to represent her. To say I had an awesome time would be an understatement.

Dancer Jessie Diaz taught us an awesome dance routine. All the women there were survivors of different ages, body shapes & body times. Many of these women were mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and so much more.

You can shop all of Lane Bryant’s Breast Cancer collection. 10% of all the proceeds go towards the BCRF. They offer active wear as well as loungewear and accessories.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I had dancing and vibing out with all of these absolutely amazing women.  To see these women have so much energy and postive outlooks on life, I was beyond inspired. These are the moments where I am so thankful and appreciative of Lane Bryant for including me and allowing me to represent my mother.

More ways to Support Lane Bryant & Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Check out the final video, we had a blast. Wou will might see a familiar face gettin’ down and sweating her butt of.

If you or someone in your life is battling breast cancer please consider supporting Lane Bryant & BCRF. The work they do will go a long way to helping find a cure & putting an end to Breast Cancer. See you in my next post.




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