Being Tall & Plus Size and Exsiting in Small Spaces

being tall and plus size and existing in small spaces

Hey Loves,

This post is something different for me to write, but a topic that has been on my mind for the last few days. Being a blogger and an influencer, I have the awesome blessing of attending many different events for the launch of different brands; clothing, makeup, hair, etc. As you would imagine, plus size clothing brands are my most attended events, mainly because that’s my audience. However there a lot of moments where I’m invited to attend events that are not catered to the plus community or I know I will probably the only plus size girl and 1 of a few black faces. I’ve become all to accustomed to being tall and plus size and existing in small spaces. I must say that is a hell of mind space to be in when you’re out trying to enjoy yourself. View Post


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