Plenty by Tracy Reese Worn 2 Ways

Plenty by Tracy Reese Worn 2 Ways

Hey Loves,

One thing I’m learning how to do is get the most out of my closet and clothes that are in there already. It’s always great when one piece of clothing has multiple purposes. That’s how I felt when I got this Plenty by Tracy Reese dress in the mail. This dress is a part of an exclusive collection designer Tracy Reese created specially for Gwynnie Bee. It took me trying on this dress to really fall in love with it. So when it came in my last Gwynnie Bee box, I couldn’t wait to style it. Check out below how I styled this Plenty by Tracy Reese for Gwynnie bee 2 ways.

For the first look I wanted to go with a sexy night time look. I decided to wear this dress as it’s meant to be worn. It fit me so well, I was definitely feeling myself. I opted to wear my favorite bralette from Forever 21 underneath for a little added sex appeal. If I didn’t want to show cleavage, I can toss the bralette and just zip up the front of the dress.

plenty by tracy reese for gwynnie bee

To complete this look I add my black booties and a black bucket bag. If I wanted a more casual look, I could’ve definitely added sneakers or flats.

plenty by tracy reese for gwynnie beeFor the second look, I was going for more of a day look. I added a simple white t-shirt from Fashion to Figure and my favorite distressed jeans from Maurices.  As you can see I left the dress unzipped so it can be worn as a long vest, and it’s perfect. Add a simple pump (or flats if that’s your thing) and a tote bag to complete my day look.

plenty by tracy reese for gwynnie bee

plenty by tracy reese for gwynnie bee

Interested in Gwynnie Bee? Click here to get your free 30 day trial now so you can start closeting fun dresses like this one. And I’ll see you in my next post.




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