Monday, February 27, 2012

Prom Dresses for those Curves

To all my young ladies, it’s about that time again. Yup it’s PROM SEASON! One of the most anticipated events in a girl’s life. I don’t know about you but I couldn’t wait for my proms. My high school did two proms a year. We had a junior prom which was more of a glorified cocktail party. We didn’t have to do the full floor length gowns (at least not if you didn’t want to). It was more of a knee length or just above the knee. It’s a little more laid back.

But then our senior prom was the big TADA!!! Complete with Gowns and stretch limos and what not. And I know some schools only do one prom so this is one is for you all. Shopping for your prom dress can be both fun and stressful. And for us curvy women it can be even more difficult because not only is finding a flattering dress in our size hard, but as a young woman, you want that unique dress. Because there is nothing more embarrassing than showing up to your prom and all the curvy girls have on the same dress. Whomp! Whomp! #epicfail
On top of that you still want to feel beautiful, you still want to be sexy, you want to be fashion forward. I know when I was getting ready for my prom; I wanted my dress to make me feel like I belong the red carpet!
I have been getting a lot messages asking about places to purchase prom dresses, and instead of answering the same question 10 different times I figured why not dig in the closet and do a post about it lol! So here we go!

SYDNEY'S CLOSET they offer gowns for all formal occasions! I think print can be fun, especially on taller females it can be so beautiful. Don't get me wrong, shorter girls can wear print as well. :)

PROM GIRL I adore the silhouette that a chiffon dress offers. We don't have to wear black, because of our bodies (unless u want to) Color is always fun, and it embodies the moment.

ALIGHT form fitting is always great. and Mint green is really picking up, as we saw with the Oscars!

Other places:
JC Penny
David's Bridal

Ladies just because you are curvy/thick/full figured/plus size do not be afraid to be daring! As for the extras like you jewelry, your hair, your bag, your shoes I didn't include them in this post because that is a part of your individual creativity. My rule of them keep everything else simple so the dress is the one and only statement. One and for the shoes, personally for me I hate to see your shoes under the dress. Keep the heel low enough that dress still covers it. 
Ladies I hope you enjoy this time in your life, and I want to see those prom pics when you take them!



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    Oh my, that last dress is amazing and I love the color, of course.

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