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A-Line Skirt & Thigh Highs

9:32 AM

Hey Loves,

This one is for yall! And I must say I was totally feeling myself in this look. I was on my way out for an interesting Friday night and I need a reason to rock these oh so sexy thigh high boots I got from Shoedazzle. Yes my lovea they are from shoedazzle. I know some of you have asked on Facebook.

And I'm totally trying to be a part of the "in crowd" with this Forever 21 faux leather a line skirt. I've seen the Zara shorts pretty much everywhere this summer so when Forever made their own, I just had to have it. I got mine in an 18, I should've gotten it in a 16 hence the reason for the belt.

Shirt: Fashion to Figure| Skirt: Forever 21| Boots: Shoedazzle| Jewelry: Various places

I just couldn't resist wearing the skirt with these boots. It shows just enough of my thighs. Yes ma'am (excuse me while I twirl my life away lol)

Surprisingly these boots are super comfortable. Despite the pictures they do reach up to my thighs. My calves aren't that wide, so boots usually aren't an issue for me but, these are just perfection.

Yup I'm so in love with myself tonight lol Don't judge my life lol Unfortunately my night didn't go as planned. But I still looked great lol. Until next time loves.

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  1. afatgirlsblues.comNovember 25, 2013 at 8:45 AM

    I have this skirt and honestly I think you rocked it to the max!

  2. I’ve chosen this to be one of my “What I Love” looks for this week. I hope you'll keep an eye out on my blog this Friday.




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