And the point of it all…

So why did I start this blog? I’m sure you’re wondering. I’ve been blogging for a few months now. not particularly on here. but i have 3…yes 3 tumblr blogs, and a wordpress which I  do entertainment news. I started this similar blog on tumblr athickgirlscloset the only difference is I support and show case all thick and plus size girls, and throw a little bit of my style in there. but i got a lot of support to a build another blog, that showed just me and my style, cause i never really done that. So I’m making my way into this realm and I hoping that you guys like it!

As for the picture above i love this outfit. 

Shirt- Lane Bryant
Jeans- Ashely Stewart
Belt- DOTS
Shoes -Shoeland (a cheap shoe store in ATL)

oh yea, as you will notice…I love being in front of the camera!


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