I’m on Team Dereon
I'm on Team Dereon

I’m on Team Dereon by athickgirlscloset featuring platform booties

Yes I am on #teamdereon I am quite proud of Beyonce and her line Dereon. I usually don’t really care for urban lines, because they’re always gaudy and sometimes just straight up ugly. But today as I was out shopping for a christmas party I’m going to this weekend, I stopped in  a random shoe store. I was looking for some black pumps. because I realized I own no black pumps (crazy right!!!) but anyway, just as I was about to give up hope, I saw the quilted black pumps with the Deron symbol. They’re actually nice in person. AND THEY HAD THEM IN MY SIZE #EPICWIN.
The store I was in happen to have more of her pumps so I tried on a few. and fell in love with all the ones I tried on. I ended up buying the first ones in the pic above. They seem plain but they have a nice surprise on the heel. You will see more about them when I do the outfit post about my Christmas look.
I think what I enjoy about these shoes is that they are completely covered with the symbol of Dereon. She could have very well made them all sparkly with all kinds of colors and chains and hooks and what not lol I like that she kept them simple but still very much Bey’s style!

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  1. OnyxG
    December 9, 2011 / 11:11 pm

    Im a big Beyonce fan…and love her stuff jer shoes are of an amazing design but when i tried to walk in one og her shoes i couldnt cos first i thought im gonna fall and second they are not really comfortable…so unfortunally for her…im never gonna buy her shoes!!


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