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Sukanya Krishnan

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Sukanya Krishnan aka Suki is one of the morning anchors of PIX 11 in the NJ/NY metro area. As someone who has her degree in communications I am prone to watching the news for my own personal entertainment. So it should come as no surprise that Suki is one of my favorite anchors. She truly is hilarious but has a certain kind of charm.

Every morning I know will get a good laugh during the 3 hours that she is on air. But she also has a way of finding the right time to be serious and drive her points home. I enjoy the fact that she knows how to be herself and still be professional. She has her own voice. When I was in school I have heard many journalist that say you have to have your own voice when reporting the news. She is definitely one of my career idols, and at one point in time when I thought I was going to be a news anchor I looked up to all that is Suki lol

Krishnan has won numerous community service awards, including honors from the NYPD and the NJ State and Local Police Departments, as well as many others from Indian American organizations for representing South Asians in the media.
Her Emmy awards include a 2002 recognition for her coverage as a live reporter on 9-11, and back-to-back Emmys in 2005 and 2006 for On-Camera Achievement (NEWS) Anchor/Host.
Since 2002, Krishnan has been involved with World Cares, an organization that helps first responders and fosters safe and effective disaster response and resilient recovery within communities.


Sukanya KrishnanSukanya Krishnan


But beyond her talent what really drew me to her obviously is fact that she is multicultural and that she is #teamcurvywoman. And she does support the movement of not just “pro curvy women” but body acceptance. Loving and accepting yourself regardless of your body size. check the insert from her interview with Plus Model Mag back in 2008

[Mia] You’ve got fans in the curvy community for, among other things, covering the latest in plus fashions on the CW 11 Morning News.  Do you make a concerted effort to help out your fellow curvy fashionistas?

[Sukanya]  I love doing segments for everyone but the curvy woman, I think, is forgotten much of the time.  We live in such a society and we are fed these messages everyday that being skinny is beautiful. There’s is such an emphasis on it. I hope to put a different spin on it. Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes and I hate the “one size fit’s all” version of beauty. I just like putting forward a healthy idea of loving the skin that you are in and living a healthy lifestyle. It’s a lesson I’m learning about everyday.

Plus Model Magazine

I remember when she was pregnant and think she is still so fly!
Sukanya Krishnan
 My fave!
Sukanya Krishnan

We all need people to look up to and Suki has been one of top favorite. Dont get me wrong I love the entire PIX 11 morning cast Frances Rivera, Linda Church, Tamsen Fadal, Lisa Mateo, Craig Treadway, James Ford, Lionel, Dan Mannarino, Hilary Whittier, and Mike Gilliam LOVE ALL YOU GUYS!

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  1. She's gorgeous and I remember when she co-hosted a makeover show with Egypt some years ago on tv.

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