Why Ashley Nell Tipton Deserved to Win Project Runway

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In case you’ve been living under a rock or just don’t watch Project Runway, you should know that the season 14 winner of Project Runway is Ashley Nell Tipton. She is making history as the 1st plus size designer to win Project Runway. Talk about MAJOR! We sort of had an idea from September that she made it to the finale when pictures of her designs surfaced during NYFW. 

Of course as the plus industry is rejoicing for a well deserved win for Ashley a lot of people aren’t too excited. And hey we’re all entitled to our opinion. As an avid Project Runway viewer I’ve had my moments when I felt like other designers should have won or at least gone further in the competition. I do think that Candice, Kelly & Edmond were all extremely talent designers, there is no doubt in that. But if winning Project Runway was solely based on talent, every designer would be a winner.

Here are 3 reasons why I think Ashley was the best choice.
She is the most versatile designer. Those who know Ashley in the plus community, know she is a well known designer creating pieces for plus size women. As you know, most if not all of the challenges on Project Runway are meant to cater to the straight size woman. From the very 1st challenge (which she won) Ashley proved that she was capable of making quality, fashion forward pieces for the size 2, 4, or 6 woman. It was good to see her go back to her roots of creating for the plus woman for her finale.
The 1st challenge winning look

Photo credit: Year of the Dinosaur Envy

Photo Credit: Year of the Dinosaur Envy

Her attention to detail. This little jacket was so well made.

Photo Credit: Year of the Dinosaur Envy

This challenge shows were level of innovation

Photo Credit: Year of the Dinosaur Envy

She knows how to make a statement.
She had the most cohesive collection. The truth is, the judges want to see one vision woven through each piece. She had a common theme that she stuck with through her collection. Her colors made sense together. Her fabric choices made sense together. The head pieces made sense together. At the end of the day her collection wasn’t all over the place.
Her clothing is more ready to wear. Most of the pieces she sent down the runway, can be mass produced and plus size women would be able to shop them right now. Some may disagree but I know for a fact that her pink 2 piece set would sell. The pink romper with the cut out would sell. The purple lace dress would sell. The blue lace 2 piece set would sell. And few other pieces would sell right now. Quite frankly the point of runway shows is to get your collection in front of the eyes of fashion’s heavy hitters; editors, buyers, stylist etc. Their job is to put your stuff in magazines & on the right bodies in hopes to drive sales. 

Now weather or not you agree with their choice, we should should simply congratulate Ashley on her win. She fought & worked just as hard as Candice, Edmond & Kelly. She deserves respect just as much as they do. I am so happy for her win. I can’t wait to see what she creates going forward.



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