EZBra; Disposable Post Op Bra

While we all know breast cancer awareness never stops, October is designated for Breast Cancer Awareness month. You will see a lot companies have a heavy focus on breast cancer during October. There is pink everywhere. Here on my blog, breast cancer has a special place in my heart and life because my mother is a breast cancer survivor. So anything I can share in regards to BC, I will.  This post is to talk specifically to a product called EZbra.

It is considered the only wound dressing specifically made for post-breast surgery, If you have watched any woman in your life go through any sort of breast surgery, post-care is BEYOND essential.

About EZbra

EZBra breast dressing, created by Efrat Roman, is an advanced, patented and FDA listed, post-op sterile, disposable and absorbing bra. It offers a designated, personalized solution to the discomfort and inefficiencies patients experience with current breast wound dressings after surgery, allowing them to recover with dignity. EZbra is a women-led startup and a part of the emerging Fem-Tech industry which focuses on women’s healthcare and wellness.

Reasons to use EZbra

  • Controlled Compression
  • Easy Application
  • Drain Management
  • Tailor-Made to your doctor’s demands

Are you or do you know a woman in your life that has to undergo some form of breast surgery? If so please be sure to check out EZbra. Surgery is hard and breast surgery is most certainly not easy. Let EZbra make your recovery a little bit easier. If you’re curious and want to learn more about EZbra, you check out their website.

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Be sure to check back here on the blog as will be heading to the headquarters for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to learn more about breast cancer research. See you in my next post.



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