U-Haul to Offer Mental Health Support to 30,000 Employees

Anyone who is moving has ever moved or will ever move, U-Haul has been an option for them. I know what I moved to my 1st apartment I went and rented a U-haul truck. Now U-haul has given me even more reason to love them as a company. U-haul to offer Mental Health support starting Sept. 2019. U-haul is partnering with ComPsych to offer employees comprehensive mental and emotional support. 

The appropriately named “You Matter” Program will offer U-Haul employees (both part-time & full time) and members of their household professional counseling for a variety of needs. In a day & time where mental and emotional health is so important, U-haul is doing a major service to their employees and their families. In order for U-haul employees to take advantage of this new program, they DO NOT have to be previously enrolled in their health insurance programs. 

“A complete wellness program means meeting the mental, physical and financial needs of our team. In addition to having a benefits package that attracts top job candidates, we want to be sure that we are taking the best possible care of our Team Members and their families. If we take care of our Team Members, they will take care of our customers.”

John “J.T.” Taylor, President of U-Haul International.

Learn Mor about ComPsych Here

In addition to mental health aid, U-haul will also help provide other services like childcare and financial services, to better help U-haul employees create a work/life balance. There is no extra added cost for employees for these services.

This is not the 1st time that U-haul has created healthy space for these employees. Back in 2015 U-haul rolled out the “Healthier U” program. “Healthier U”  was launched in order to better wellness of employees across four areas: health, mindset, nutrition, and fitness. The “You Matter” program is an extension of U-haul’s previous work.

What are your thoughts on U-haul to offer Mental Health support? Should more companies offer mental and emotional support for their employees? Let me know in the comments.

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