4 Must Haves for Fashion Bloggers who Travel Alone

Hey Loves,

So I am fresh off the plane from my trip in Costa Rica. I had an amazing time and I definitely can’t wait for my next solo trip. Per my blogger life, getting outfit pictures is pretty much a MUST. But what happens when you’re by yourself? What happens when you don’t have a friend or companion to take your photos? This post is for you.  Here are 4 things fashion bloggers need when the try travel solo.

A tri-pod.
This one is obvious. But not all tripods are created equal. If you’re on your own, you don’t want a bulky and ultra heavy tripod. Because ultimately you’re traveling alone and that can & will get in the way.

A cell-phone tri-pod
I know you’re like 2 tri-pods? This one from Target, for your phone is perfect for this in between times when you want to shoot your look that’s only for social media, not necessarily for your blog. Most cell phone tir-pods over bendable legs that allow you to attach it to a tree or pole or any of those “unconventional” places.

A shutter remote
A remote can really make your life waaaaaayyyyyy easier when shooting on your own, particularly when traveling. Think about it, when you’re abroad, you want to having amazing backgrounds. The best way to ensure a great shot on your own is to bring along a shutter remote. You can ensure that your photos will come out right every time. If you don’t want you hand holding the remote to be in every shot, I suggest test shoot get the photo just right, then change you lens from automatic to manual to ensure all the settings (particularly the focus) stays the same. This one from Insignia works for both Canon & Nikon, no excuse.

A little of creativity & a lot of patience
It’s always easy to shoot at home. You tend to know the area so you can thing about where you would want to shoot a look. But when you’re traveling you may not be as familiar with the area. I suggest (if it’s possible) take a walk around the area, see what the scenery is like. See what the architecture is like. See what the foot traffic is like. When you’re shooting alone, there are some many other things that come in to play. Do you shot in front of a building or on a walk way. Will people be in your shot. This is where the patience comes in. You may find a great place to shoot but it’s not resonating on camera. You might be in the middle of getting some great shot & a family with a dog is right behind you in your shot. You might take 10 shots and you think you’re killing it, then you realize not a near one was in focus.

I know someone out there is like…girl you didn’t mention a camera. I didn’t on purpose because if you’re a fashion blogger…that’s sort of a given. SO we’ll leave that at that lol
I hope you all enjoyed this post. I am fashion blogger, but I am totally looking to do more traveling and trying to see how I can fuse the two. See you in my next post.

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