6 Reasons to stay at Breezes Bahamas

I am fresh from my weekend trip to the Bahamas. My guy and I like to leave this cold weather of NY/NJ to celebrate our birthdays & Valentines Day in warm weather. Last year we were in Puerto Rico. This year he surprised me with The Bahamas. We opted to stay at an all inclusive resort, it was totally worth everything. We stayed at Breezes Resort & Spa which is every bit of down home authentic Caribbean hospitality. It’s a beautiful resort that offers the perks of major hotel chains with a certain kind of family charm. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider staying at Breezes Bahamas Resort.

1. It’s Super Inclusive
Going on vacation can get expensive once you add in everything you end up paying for; food, drinks, activities etc. When staying at Breezes all of that is included with NO hidden charges. The food is included and most of the activities around the resort are included as well. Depending on the time you plan to travel, Breezes always has some really great deals or discounts.
2. Quiet
Breezes is a nice change from the “turn all the way up” vacations. Everything moves at a much slower pace, but its on your terms. You eat when you feel like it, you drink when you feel like it, you swim, sleep or get a massage when you feel like it. It just a very laid back atmosphere so you get the maximum R&R!
The rooms are spacious but homey.
You don’t need lamps in the room when you have this much natural light coming in.
These private cabanas are available for rent with personal waiter service
3. Endless Food & Drinks
When I tell you we ate & drank like crazy that is exactly what we did. Breezes makes sure food & drinks are always at your finger tips. A full buffet is available for breakfast (7:30 am), lunch (12:30 pm) and Dinner (6:30 pm). If you’re pool side, the Rasta Cafe offers burgers, hot dogs, fries, salads & a host of other Caribbean favorites throughout the afternoon. I was living for those conch fritters! If you’re not into buffets for dinner, there are 3 a la carte options for your choosing, again all included. The food was sooooo good. And let’s not even get started on the drinks!!!!
Breakfast has endless options!
Swim up bar…1 of 4 bars around the resort
4. Super Friendly Staff
All of the staff; from the front desk to the bartenders, to the cleaning staff were friendly & made sure whatever you needed or wanted was made available. My guy & I became super friendly with 2 awesome bartenders (hey LeKisha & Michelle), and I think it’s because we spent so much time at the pool bar! But beyond that, the entire staff was energetic, welcoming, & helpful.

5. No Kids
I think for me this rule was right up my alley. Unlike other all inclusive resorts, Breezes Bahamas Resort does not allow children under the age of 14 on the resort. Kids over the age of 14 are allowed on the resort with an accompanying adult. Breezes caters to singles, couples & groups that are looking to get away to a casual atmosphere. I mean really, think about it;if you’re relaxing or catching some Z’s poolside the last thing you want is someone’s kid doing a canon ball into the pool & splashing water all over the place.
My beach view from my hotel room!

6. Activities on & off the resort

Despite being very quiet & laid back, there is no shortage of things to do around the resort. Guest have the option of getting massages, working out in the fitness area, playing ping pong or various board games in the game room. If you’re into outdoor activities Breezes offers tennis, basketball, trapeze classes, beach volleyball, Rock climbing, jogging trail & much more. If you’re into water activities; windsurfing, sailing, kayaking and so much more are also available!Also during the day the resort offers yoga stretching and few interactive team games, which I must say is quite funny to watch the other guest get involved in. I remember watching a few people play beach bowling (HILARIOUS) and a mini triathlon. The staff makes sure you get involved somehow. After all “you paid for it” (Their words not mine, lol). If at some point you want to leave the resort the front desk staff is helpful with finding different adventurous excursions.

So there you have it loves. 6 reasons why you should stay at Breezes Bahamas Resort. Breezes Resort & Spa is all about making sure you get the “pick me up” you need. You’ll feel very at home from the second you check in until you’re in the cab on the way back to the airport. So if you’re looking to get away for a couple days, pack your bags, grab your boo or a group of friends, book your stay at Breezes & head down to The Bahamas. Thank you to my guy for an awesome weekend. Breezes, I WILL BE BACK!

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