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squeem shapewear

Hey Loves,

Many of you know I am a major advocate of wearing shapewear. Always have been, probably always will. For me the right shapewear for the right outfit just takes it over the top. For this post I teamed up with the shapewear brand Squeem to talk about my 2 favorite pieces from them that I love to wear. I’ve been an avid wearer of Squeem since I started blogging and I’m super excited to talk about it here on the blog.

The 1st item I have from them, I’ve had for about 3 years now is the Perfect Waist. I like to wear my perfect waist to the gym. Mainly because it helps me induce sweat while I’m a Zumba each week. Further more, when it’s that time of the month it actually helps with my bloating. I also like the Perfect Waist because it fits my torso perfectly. I find that with shapewear like this, if it doesn’t fit you will be VERY uncomfortable.
However if you don’t want to wear yours to the gym, the Perfect Waist goes perfectly under your favorite dress or jeans & t-shirt. It does smooth out your midsection (if that’s the area you’re wanting to target) and enhances the curves you already have. The Perfect Waist does have boning (I promise it doesn’t hurt) so as you’re moving around throughout the day it does not roll down.
squeem shapewear


squeem shapewear
The Perfect Waist comes in 2 shades, black & beige and ranges is size from xs-5xl. If you have never owned one before, I highly suggest you getting measured before purchasing. Squeems are sold at Fashion to Figure and NOW Lane Bryant. You can head to their website to find a location near you.
My 2nd item that I have, which they sent to me, I think will be a new go to for me when I want to me ALL THE WAY snatched. It’s the Sensual Curves. I have never owned anything like this. This is like the ultimate shapewear machine. There is a lot more that goes into this particular one. This one smooths out everything from the midsection, through the hips & thighs. Which is perfection under form fitting dresses or outfits.
squeem shapewear
Sensual Curves offers adjustable straps that connect to the midsection with attached spandex legs. And for those of us with a smaller, chest, your girls will definitely be at attention (totally a plus!). The 1st time putting it on, when it’s fresh out of the box, it does take some time to adjust. You will feel a bit constricted at 1st, but once it contours to your natural curves you will feel a lot more comfort. Sensual Curves comes in both black & beige. And is available in sizes xs to 3xl. The sizing does run a bit different than the Perfect Waist, so do keep that in mind when shopping.
squeem shapewear


All Squeem products are made of high quality natural rubber & cotton, so your pieces will keep you comfortable & last over time. Squeem is now sold online at Lane Bryant and (coming soon to stores). So if you are on the fence about what size to get, or you’re not sure if Squeem is for you, you can stop in your local LB store and get measured.There you have it loves. Happy Shopping and I’ll see you in my next post.


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