Americans in Aruba

Hey loves,

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (sideeye if you dont…@thickgrlscloset) you know that my guy & I spent an awesome couple of days on the beautiful island of Aruba. This was a 1st for the both of us so needless to say we were both very excited to experience something & somewhere new. Aruba was definitely an experience that I did not expect. As an American tourist, a lot of times we get use to just going to island & spending time on resorts completely separate from the locals. Since Aruba is but so big…tourist have a lot of interaction & immersion with the locals.
One thing that took me by surprise was that language barrier. I will say it’s my fault I didn’t research prior to going but most of the locals spoke mostly Spanish or Dutch. This really should not be a surprise being that to the south is Venezuela, to the west is Colombia & to the east Curacao. Aruba also has a major Asian influence, which I thought was pretty cool. 
A lot of street signs are in Dutch
Driving around was quite a task especially at night. Being from the NJ/NY streets usually work in a grid pattern and we actually had street signs. Our 1st night it took some time just to find the restaurant we were going to because street signs would easily go from being in Spanish to Dutch and then some streets just didn’t have signs. But we loved it, it was an adventure.
Aruba has such a down home beauty. Very laid back, very go at your own pace vibe. You go to Aruba to just enjoy & “be”. You can go to eagle beach or Palm beach and sit on the white sand, take in the sun, take a dip in the very clear blue water. There isn’t a need to show out (although y’all know I did lol). It’s perfect if just want to book a trip with your man or your girl and just be together.
Now just enjoy some pics!

I had a blast, it was way to short of a trip, but I’m sure me & the guy will be back. Because we explored only the northern side of the island. Next time we have to make stops in St. Nicholaas and the southern part of the island.
See you in my next post.

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