I’m going through all the pictures and outfits that I wore in Aruba, and this post has to be one of my favorites. Many of you know my struggle with maxi skirts & dresses. One thing that I’ve always wanted was a white plus size maxi skirt that fit my tall frame with a super high slit. I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it was to find. But one of my favorite designers was kind enough to make one just for me. Arlinda McIntosh owner & designer of Sofistafunk fulfilled my white maxi skirt dreams.

She made me a 50 inch maxi skirt. Yes you read that right, a 50 inch maxi skirt. Even if I wore heels, the skirt still touched the ground. Girl! Let me tell you I was as giddy as a school girl. I am beside myself with this skirt, it is everything I ever wanted. The skirt does have a stretch knit waistband, so it will be able to fit multiple sizes.

When my guy and I were in Aruba, I just knew that this skirt deserved to photographed on the white sand & in the crystal blue waters of Aruba. My guy was able to get some amazing shots and I am so grateful to him for these shots.

If you’re on the market for an amazing skirt Sofistafunk is where you need to shop. Ms. Arlinda has a skirt for every height, age, & personality. You are sure to stand out in a Sofistafunk skirt. I’ve worn skirt from her (and have modeled for her) in the past and every time I rock one of her skirts, I become and instant conversation piece. Check me out in their 2 Faced Skirt here, All White at FFFweek 2013 here & rocking a skirt as a top here. I’m telling you they have something for EVERYONE!

My waistbeads (which are a first for me) are from a company called Waistful Beads. They were kind enough to send me one before I left for my trip. They are a suttle but very cute touch to this look. And I must say it’s nice to have waist beads that can fit my waist. Thank you to Waistful Beads. I will be rocking these again!

There you have it loves, I fully in love with this plus size maxi skirt. Tall girls, keep your eyes on Sofistafunk, there will be skirts for us. Be sure to follow Sofitafunk on instagram for some much needed inspiration. Happy shopping & I’ll see you in my next post.



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