Denim Dress Worn 2 Ways

You all know I’m all about helping you figure out ways to get the most out of your clothes. It’s always awesome when you can wear one piece of clothing multiple ways. When I tried on this  City Chic denim dress from Gwynnie Bee, I knew it had to come home with me. This dress is just uber sexy, and can be dressed up or down depending on what your mood is like.  So for this post, I put together 2 different looks with this one denim dress. The dress is available via Gwynnie Bee. If you are not a member of GB, be sure to sign up for your FREE 30 Day Trial. You’ll thank me later.

For the first look, I wanted something casual and simple. I wore the dress as a skirt by simply putting this plaid shirt from Lane Bryant over the dress and tied at the waist. I wore it with these booties from Fashion to FigureOn my off days I probably would’ve worn my red Converses with this look, to keep it all the way casual.

It is chilly here in Jersey so I added this bomber jacket from Simply for a little-added warmth.

Can we have a moment for those calf muscles lol

For the 2nd look, is actually what inspired this whole post. This denim dress requires something to be worn underneath especially if you’ll be around other people or if it’s cold outside. But with the right under shirt, this is dress is perfection. If you live in warm weather you can go with a t-shirt, or if your on the beach, this would be perfect over a bathing suit. Because it is chilly, I opted for this long sleeve turtleneck. I’ve had it for quite some time and do remember where I bought it from. But outfits like this is why I always invest in good basic pieces because the always come in handy.

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I went with these knee high boots to accommodate for the weather, and I actually like out the boots paired with the dress. My one beef with this dress is it gets crazy wrinkled. But it’s a cute dress so I’ll deal. lol

There you have it loves, this how I styled this City Chic denim dress. Which look would you rock? Or tell me how would you rock this dress! Remember, if you’re not a Gwynnie Bee member, be sure to sign up for your FREE 30-day trial. A whole month with access to amazing clothes, now how can you beat that.




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