Stream it with Google Chromecast

Stream it With Google Chromecast

Hey Loves,

In case you didn’t know, I moved to my first apartment a few months ago. When moving, I knew I had to cut a few expenses, and cable was on of them. I knew I needed an alternative to not having cable. So ya girl went and purchased a Google Chromecast. Well 2 actually; one for my living room and one for my bedroom, and it is a total game changer. Basically if you can see it, you can stream it with Google Chromecast.What I love about having a Google Chromecast is the ability to stream things from my phone or tablet directly to my tv. I’ve watched countless movies on Netflx, endless reruns of Living single on Hulu and completed a few décor DIY projects by watching YouTube. Also being that I’m a total Google Home junkie, I can easily access my Google Chromecast by using my Google Home apps. It’s perfect, and makes everything around my apartment seamless for me.

To make it even better, being that I’m completely tech illiterate, setting up my Google Chromecast took no time at all. I simply plugged it into the back of my tv via the HDMI port in that back, followed the set up instructions and viola  my Google Chromecast was ready to go.

If you’re someone that is into streaming, get you a Google Chromecast. Anything you can watch on your phone can be seamlessly streamed with your Google Chromecast. Last, but definitely not least, Google Chromecast as SUPER affordable. They only run for about $30 bucks at your local BestBuy. Think about it, a one time payment of 30 bucks to stream whatever you want or pay $100+ every month for cable?!?!? For this was a complete no brainer.

Get yours today . See you in my next post.





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