Favorite Summer Denim From Lane Bryant

Favorite Summer Denim Lane Bryant

Hey Loves,

Talk about feeling golden in the summer. Lane Bryant has their ultimate stretch jeans and when I tell you, I’ve literally been living for what feels like forever…I have worn them into the ground. When it comes to jeans, I need comfort, I need versatility, I need style and function. These ultimate stretch jeans give me all that. They have officially become my favorite summer denim from Lane Bryant, read to find out why.

These ultimate stretch jeans conform to body without a problem. I can wear them all day and not feel them dig into my skin. I can move effortlessly with them. The stretch is perfect for me, and as often as I have worn them, they have not stretched, particularly around the knee. That’s where I watch to see if jeans lose their elasticity. I did not have that problem with these jeans. They’re a little on the short side for my taste being that I am tall. However, being that they are skinny jeans, I can cuff them and go about my say. I love that they sit high on my waist so I can wear crop tops or a button up and not feel the need to adjust the jeans. I love the dark wash, I love that all the pockets are functional. (Seriously that is a deal breaker for me these days) Because I opted for a dark wash, they can most certainly be dressed up or dressed down if need be.

Favorite Summer Denim Lane Bryant

I paired the jeans with this beautiful yellow woven strappy back cami. I have been digging the color yellow recently so I knew this would be perfect with this jeans. I wanted something that was flowy, light weight and easy to wear. I was drawn to the woven details along the bottom hemline. As well as the detailing along the back of the cami.  It’s light weight and perfect for these humid summer days.

Favorite Summer Denim Lane Bryant

A good pair of denim is an absolute must have for any woman no matter the stage in her life. A good pair of denim will make you feel on top of the world in the boardroom or out on a date. A good pair of jeans will never go out of style and when you find the right pair for your body, you’ll never go wrong.


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