GabiFresh Swimsuits Now Sold at Nordstrom

Gabi Fresh Swimsuits

In case you haven’t heard the news, plus-size blogger Gabi Gregg of GabiFresh is living out an awesome dream. Her popular swimsuit line is now sold at Nordstrom. Crazy right?!?!  GabiFresh swimsuits will be available for purchase at Nordstrom. It’s amazing to watch her growth. I first learned about this from her instagram. I was scrolling through as I normally would on a random day of the week and I saw her post about this. So naturally, I ran straight to my computer to check it out.

As of right now only a select few of her styles are available online as well as in store. If you’re unfamiliar with the GabiFresh swimsuits collection, I have quite a few post here on the blog. Check them all out HERE!

The main reason this is a huge deal not only for Gabi but for us as well is the fact that we have the optiuons to shop in a major retailer. Nordstrom is nothing to sneeze. I can’t imagine how excited Gabi must be in this moment. Let this be a lesson for all of you that have aspirations of having your own swimsuit line, this is totally doable & achieveable.

The available styles are below. Happy shopping!



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