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Many of you know my love for plus size leggings. I pretty much live in leggings during the cooler months here in Jersey and NY. Leggings are just so easy and comfortable. They are very much go-to, must have staple for me. There’s very little you CAN’T do with leggings. However, over the years I have learned and felt the difference between, quick $12 leggings and leggings that cost a little bit more. The things that I look for with my leggings, is how well they do in the laundry, how thick they are, and how well they hold up with my thighs. So for this post, I rounded up a few of my favorite plus size leggings.


1. AA Nylon Tricot High-Waist Leggings $42
The first pair, they aren’t considered plus size, but they fit up to a size 20. I’ve worn mine into the ground and they were worth every penny. They wash well . They don’t fade. They are long; great for tall women. And in the 4 years, I’ve had mine, they’ve held up with my thighs. I have mine a size large and they fit like a glove. American Apparel is not a plus size store as we all know, but they are a store that can offer some basic pieces.

2. Yummie By Heather Thomson Rachel Leggings $50
I know $50 is a bit pricey for some leggings. But if you are someone that lives in leggings both dressed up or dressed down, these leggings will ride long term with you. I’ve had mine for 3 years, and they’re still hanging in there. They go up to a 3x which for Yummie is 22/24. I have seen some fading, but with 3 years of wear and washing, that is to be expected. They are also tall girl friendly.

3. Lysse Ponte Leggings $78
I’m a newcomer to Lysse leggings. But I do have to say that I am completely attached to my pair. They are super soft and very easy to move in. They are perfect for running errands or for a cute casual look. They go up to a size 3x which for Lysse is a 26/28. I’ve washed mine a couple times, and they still look new. They most certainly are not see through, they have great hold around the mid-section for they days when I really need it. These are also tall girl friendly.

4. Catherines Active Leggings $30
These leggings have definitely proven themselves to me already. I wore these while glamping in Montana with Catherines. These bad boys got dusty & dirty, but I have to say they kept my leggings warm in that chilly Montana air. When I came home & finally washed them, they didn’t shrink, they kept their hold and didn’t fade. I did end up flying home from Montana in these and they were perfect  a long day of travel. These are also tall girl friendly.

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