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What do plus size women want?

12:10 PM

Hey Loves,

I'll probably get A LOT of flack for this, but this proves what I've been saying all along. As you all know Tess Holiday as broken major barriers as the 1st size 22 model to be signed to a major modeling agency. I am here for all that is Tess. She is absolutely gorgeous, she's inspirational, and is take the world by storm. She recently posed for Monif C. And what I find so interesting, is that the same women that say they wish brands would use models over a size 16/18 are the same ones bashing Tess & Monif.

The comments were disgusting, all of which were coming from other plus size women. I have said this time & time again, plus size women need to take responsibility for ourselves & our industry. This not say that our world is all unicorns & gumdrops. We don't live in a Utopian society, not everyone will like the same things, not everyone will agree with the same fashion choices. But that is just fine, but there doesn't need to be the negative back & forth.

  • How is it we say they want to see women on the larger side of plus, but when we do, we don't like it?
  • How can we say that we want brands to push the envelope with plus size fashion, and offer it above a size 16/18 but then they do, we bash them?
  • How can we expect the best from the brands who cater to us, but then drag them through the mud, because their vision is outside our own personal aesthetic? 
  • Some say not Tess needs to be in long flowy pants, but how many times have women complained that we don't want to be covered up because we're big? 
  • Some say oh this isn't flattering on her tess. But in the same breath say wear what makes you feel beautiful. 
  • Some say she needs to not show her legs at all. But then get mad when brands don't offer enough the same cute stuff the straight size women have.

Read some of the comments for yourself Here.

But look at the comments for the same exact outfit on a size 18 models Here

If it's not your cup of tea, then so be it. But the woman that is a size 22 that wants to purchase this look probably will because they see it on Tess. and the size 18 girl will probably but it because they see it on Olivia (pictured above)

I'm confused. I guess i need someone to explain to me.


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  1. I think Tess is beautiful and shapely. However, I don't care for the tats (she needs to camoflauge them) and that outfit on her is too small and not very flattering. A plus sized woman wants to wear something that looks good on her, not because smaller women are wearing the same style. I really don't care for it much on the size 18 model. It's not Tess, it's the outfit.

  2. I agree that on both models, this outfit is just not a great one (maybe a texture or pattern would help, along with lengthening the leg). It looks weird to me, disproportionate; but out of both ladies, Tess rocks it better, in my opinion. And I disagree that Tess needs to camouflage her tattoos! They have meaning, she and her tattoos should not be separated, and the fact that they were not photo-shopped out is another goal point for body acceptance!

  3. I agree, I don't think it's Tess, it's the outfit. Tess is gorgeous! No doubt about that. That outfit though on any size (after looking through on their website), is not a hit.

  4. I completely agree. I would love to see more size 22's in the actual clothing if only to know that it definitely wouldn't look good on me. To see a size 16 in that look looking fierce... purchase it in a 20 thinking I will look the same and get it and get it only to find it looks horrible on my size would be a huge disappointment.I wouldn't bash the designer or the model because it doesn't look the best on a size 22....I would be thankful the designer chose to show it on someone that relates more to my size so I could avoid purchasing if it's not my flavor. It disgusts me that plus size women will go up in arms when thin people bash us but they think it's perfectly okay to bash to other plus size women and give unsolicited advice about what looks good or doesn't and half the ones giving advice on what's "flattering" dress horrible or super old school. I say kudos for more options and more body diversity.

  5. THISSSSSSS x 1000! Those comments are killing me.

  6. And then those women say "I'm plus size too" like that gives them free license to be a total jerk with no repercussions. Ugh.

  7. I don't have tattoos, but why should she have to cover them? If the designer doesn't mind, why is that a problem for us? Do you think if you wear the garment you'll have leg tattoos all of a sudden? I just don't get this gripe.

    Also, I love that Monif C is offering a variety of styles. If *you* don't like this style, just don't wear it. Options are never a bad thing in fashion.

  8. Well I think it is more of a self hate then anything to do with Tess, she is beautiful. I will say I am not a fan of the outfit on either model, it's the outfit but the cape is fierce. It is not just plus size women who do this, I have a friend who is gay and he gay bashes, it baffled me but I have come to understand it more of a self hatred on his part then a hatred for gays. I think that it may be from the ridicule they received themselves and have not learned how to love themselves and they project that self hatred onto others. Just my thoughts, but I am old enough and have known enough people to have seen people do this in many instances. I have a neighbor who is dark skinned and dislikes light skinned people in general but I have learned it is not light skinned people it is her, I think that she was probably ridiculed when she was young about being so dark and it causes her to view light skinned people badly. On a individual level she doesn't mind light skinned people, I am light skinned but she compares herself to light skinned people so I know it is her and not light skinned people. Also I have found that people don't like people who dare to be themselves. I read something many years ago. We spend the first 20 years packing away parts of our personality to please others and spend the rest of our lives trying to unpack those parts. Whenever you come across someone who is negative towards you for no reason, they are probably projecting onto you what they don't like about themselves or envy you that they can't allow themselves to be them self. My sister does it to me, I am an extrovert and she is an introvert yet she acts like me being an extrovert is a crime. I believe it is because she doesn't have the nerve to be an extrovert and deep downs wants to be just doesn't know how to be so I don't let it bother me, it's her problem not mines. My advice, the only person you can be is you and that is hard enough, don't let others make you think something is wrong with being yourself, spend your time making yourself happy with you. I only change me when there is something about me that I don't like, if you don't like then it is your problem not mines.


  9. Women women women! What do we want! Like you said, we've all declared that we would love to see more "real" plus size women showcased by designers and when we're given just that, we do a complete 360. Tess is a drop dead gorgeous woman period! Most people only expect plus sized women to wear certain types of clothes and heaven forbid if we wear tight fitting clothes and people can actually see a stomach bulge! If Tess' tummy had been photoshopped out, I bet you the comments would not have been so negative. Nothing against my size 14/16/18 models but it is refreshing seeing the outfit on someone comparable to most plus sized women. Personally, I feel most of the hate is a result of envy though I may be wrong. Tess has worked her butt off and has been subjected to the worst behaviors/comments possible as a result of her success. So it would be great to see the plus size community rally around her as opposed to bashing her. She looks gorgeous! And I can't wait to see her working with more designers in the future.

  10. Shainna TuckerMarch 3, 2015 at 3:12 PM

    I have to agree. It is an odd looking outfit and would look strange on anyone. Both models are beautiful, beautiful women and would look good in almost anything. But this pseudo-action hero getup is hopeless.



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