Another Bathing Suit Post

Hey Loves,

I’m sure you’ve seen a million of these post, cause it’s that time of the year. Everyone is asking the same question, “where can I find a great bathing suit?”

I have my choices, which we’ll get to below. But allow me to give you my view on buying a good bathing suit. I know we’re all strapped for cash. Not every one can afford to spend a couple $100 on a bathing suit. But the old saying is true, you get what you pay for.

-A decent bathing suit that looks good, is of quality, and has support, will cost you. But it will be money well spent.

-Bathing suit shopping should be fun. A lot of people start to freak about when buying a bathing suit, but let’s change our minds and the views of our bodies.

-Try different cuts and shapes. Just like shopping for regular clothes, bathing suit should make you feel good as well

-Don’t be afraid of COLOR!!!! Black is cool, but nothing beats a sexy bathing suit in a bold color, or great print.

All the choices I’ve listed below are great retailers that have always offered great options. Everything is totally on trend, and of quality. But enough of that. Let’s take a look at some swim suits shall we….

Forever 21

Becca Etc.
So as you can see so far, I have put up quite a ffew 2 pieces. Why? because I expect to see all my curvy/plus sizes/ thick loves in bikinis. It’s all about feel sexy and embracing your curves. Finding the right cut  can do wonders.
Swim Suits for All

 Monif C.


I actually have the blue and red Rue bathing suit. I absolutely can’t wait to wear it on someone’s beach. Being a Jersey girl, the shore and walking along the boardwalk is something we grow up doing. Despite the damage the hurricane sandy did, I will make my way to the shore this summer. But the bottoms fit so well and they cover my extra fluff just right.

 Rue 107

 Sorella Swim
Lane Bryant

So there you have it loves. These are great places to buy your swimsuit for the hot summer days that are coming fast and hard. Remember loves, have fun with this. Don’t worry about what others will think, don’t be afraid to show skin. We’re allowed to be fun, flirty and sexy on the beach or at the pool. So go crazy and go wild!




  1. Cookies, Chaos n C est la vie!
    May 5, 2013 / 10:07 am

    thanks for this post! i can bite myself in the butt now. i just recently ordered something from forever21 and they didnt have those swimsuits up yet…now Ill have to put in another order -___-"

    • Shainna
      May 7, 2013 / 5:46 pm

      doing a little extra shopping never hurt anyone lol!

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