4 Tips For Traveling to Montana

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If you follow me on social media (you should btw) You know that I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Montana for the first time. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect when I landed. I have never been to Montana, nor have I ever had a desire to go. But since returning, I most certainly plan to go back. However being that it was my first time in Montana, I wasn’t completely prepared for how my body would react to the change in air & altitude. So for this post, here are my 4 tips for traveling to Montana for the first time.

While in Montana, I constantly felt dry mouthed. It was like I couldn’t get enough water. With every meal, I made sure to drink water. Before, during & after any activities I drank water. It always seemed to not be enough. There were points where I felt completely dehydrated and experienced headaches due to lack of water. So make sure you do your very best to hydrate. Do keep in mind the air is different being at 7,000 feet above sea level. Your breathing will be different, how your body operates will be different, not having enough water will make adjusting to your surroundings much harder. I’m telling you, your body will react and not staying hydrated will literally drain you.
Girl! This is a must even if you don’t deal with dry skin on a regular. I am not someone who has dry skin; I have oily/combination skin on my face and as for the rest of my body, dry skin is not something I deal with at home. Living in a place that is humid on a regular, and having just traveled to the Caribbean, I noticed and immediate change in my skin. While in Montana I found myself needing to moisturize my skin constantly, more than normal. For me regular lotion did not do, I would be reapplying at least once an hour. Which you can imagine can be annoying. I happen to have packed my Grapeseed oil (very last minute) and it came in HANDY! Be sure to pack your favorite moisturizer.
Bring any & all allergy remedies
I have never, a day in my life dealt with allergies. Not to pollen, pet dander, dust, food…nothing. But the first afternoon & night in Montana, I couldn’t keep my eyes from running & my nose from feeling stuffy. Staying in Montana’s beautiful woods, I encountered allergens in the air that I’m not use to on the east coast. Never having dealt with this before, I didn’t know what it was or how to respond. Thanks to my homegirl Meaghan, I popped a Zyrtec and was back in ship shape for the rest of my stay. So for those who struggle with allergies & even those who don’t, bring what you need just to ensure that you can enjoy all of Montana’s beauty.
Dress for multiple types of weather
During my time in Montana, the weather was absolute perfection. I spent a good portion of my stay outside in nature. Montana in August is one of the states where you’ll be cold in the morning when the sun is just coming up, warm & comfortable during the day and chilly in the evening when the sun sets. If you’re someone that likes to pack light, a good medium weight sweater and light jacket will be your key pieces. Obviously, if you are looking to do outdoor sports, pack accordingly. But if you’re looking to just take in the beauty of Montana, do make sure you pack for both chilly & warm weather. Confusing, I know, but you’ll thank me later.
Montana was absolutely amazing and I am actually looking forward to going back one day. I think it would be amazing for a girls trip or even a couples trip. If you live or are from Montana & have any tips for first-time travelers to Montana, please leave them in the comment section below! See you in my next post.

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