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Hey Loves,
Many of you know that spent a glorious 2 days in Montana with plus brand Catherines. Which I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that experience. Once I posted photos of my tent on my Instagram, soooooo many of you asked me about details on where we stayed. Ya’ll know I’m all about sharing my travel stays. So here we go.

We stayed at Collective Retreats in Yellowstone at Moonlight Basin. They also have another location in Yale, Colorado. Each tent is situated lakeside, tucked into the Montana trees & enjoys breathtaking views of Lee’s Pool & Lone Mountain. This location has 5 luxury tents that each boast a plush king size bed, themed rustic decor, a porch with Adirondack chairs & a personal bathroom.
Collective Retreats is an awesome blend between luxury and nature. It’s perfect for those that would love to go camping , but aren’t here for the idea of roughing it in a sleeping bag. You get all the perks of camping; fresh air, the sounds of nature, beautiful star studded skies at night, bonfires etc. mixed with the feeling of being in a luxury hotel. The staff goes above & beyond to make your stay the best it can be.
The staff made sure that every night our small space heaters and the wood fire stoves were turned on so when we did return to our tents they were already warm. At night after making smores, that made sure we had our small lanterns so we could make it back to our rooms. They made sure our comforters were turned down at night. Tents were cleaned & refreshed daily. Upon arrival & departure, you don’t have to worry about dragging your luggage in the dirt.
On top of being super attentive the staff were just super cool to talk to. They are more than willing to talk about where they’re from, how they ended up in Montana, where they’ve traveled to etc. They understand the multiple ways to make sure you’re comfortable.
Flat Water (the nig jug), Sparkling water, tea, coffee & Clif bars are in each room.
Each tent has a sign that helps you identify your tent!
Lee Pool Lake
Dining with Collective Retreats is definitely top notch. Being from NJ/NY you tend to really appreciate a farm to table, freshly prepared homemade meal. Breakfast, lunch (boxed lunch) & 3 course dinner is available to all guest during their stay.


Pan Roasted Duck| Duck Confit| Berry Demo Glace| Parsnip Puree
Our view for dinner each night.
There are also tons of activities to keep you occupied during the day all within driving distance of camp site. There’s horseback riding, mountain biking, fly fishing, of course hiking and so much more. Be sure to check out my instagram to see what we got into while in Montana.
This is definitely a place to thoroughly enjoy nature in style. It’s a far cry from white sandy beaches, but just as beautiful & picturesque. Collective Retreat is taking reservations for May-October 2016 & 2017. Due to limited space, try your best to book ahead of time. Make you reservations NOW, you won’t be sorry.
See you in my next post.

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