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It’s day for of Holiday Week and I have to say I was super excited about this plus size holiday outfit. Mainly because of these skirt pants from the Essie & Kelly capsule collection from Fashion to Figure are fabulous. When they released their collection I knew these pants would be mine. I figured this look is a little on the dramatic side, but sometimes you need a little bit of drama with your clothes. Especially with NYE right around the corner.
I’ll be honest I tried on a bunch of different tops with the bottoms before settling on this look. Mainly because I was hoping that the skirt pants would sit a little bit higher up. But because they do sit at my natural waist, I needed to find a top that would compliment the skirt pants. Which for me, proved to be a bit difficult. However, I’m still 100% in love with the skirt pants. I think it’s something different and I applaud Essie & Kelly for curating an awesome collection.
Top: Fashion to Figure| Bottoms: Fashion to Figure| Shoes: Shoedazzle
 After trying on 4 other tops when deciding on the best look, I finally settled on this Victoria flocked burnout top. I’m so in love with this top because I know I can do so many things with it. It is see through, so if you aren’t trying to show your bra, I do suggest wearing a tank top like I did. If you want to show off your bra, be my guest!
I’m wearing a 2x in the skirt pants and I love how they fit. And as you can see, the length is perfect for tall girls. I do suggest running an iron over the skirt before wearing them. You can’t be fly with wrinkly clothes.

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I know you’re probably thinking why didn’t just wear black shoes? That would’ve been the obvious choice. These sexy pumps came in the mail from Shoedazzle and I just knew I wanted to wear them with this skirt pants. They are high, but you all now me, the higher the heel, the closer to God.
If you haven’t checked on Essie & Kelly’s collection yet, you need to. Head to Fashion to Figure’s website now. Get your pieces while you can, because once it’s sold out that’s it!

Happy Holiday loves and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post.



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