Plus Size Lingerie with Adam & Eve

Plus Size Lingerie with Adam & Eve

Hey Loves,

I have to say I’m so proud of myself, I posted my very first lingerie photos on social media this year. Can you believe that? Seven years of blogging and I’m just now doing something for valentines day. I knew I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and so when I reached out to Adam & Eve, I couldn’t have been more excited that they said yes. If you don’t know is the largest online adult store. They offer everything you’ll need to pleasure yourself or spice it up with your partner. What I was really happy to see was that they do offer plus size lingerie, and overall I was really pleased with how everything fit. I truthfully expect to struggle with sizing, but I didn’t and I’m here to tell you all about. Below are my favorite plus size lingerie from Adam and Eve. If you’re interested in anything, use my code: CLOSET to get 50% off 1 item and FREE shipping in the US & Canada.

The first item I have and I completely loved is this satin robe. I’ve haven’t owned a robe in years so this was a nice change for me. It feels nice and soft, I felt luxurious and the color is amazing. This robe is for perfect lounging around the house, perfect for travel, or perfect if I’m set for a photoshoot and need to cover up. I like that it’s a little on the short side, adds a little bit of sexiness.

The Yevette Halter set really surprised me. I did not think I would love it as much as I do. I will say though, this leaves NOTHING to the imagination because of the face that it is completely see through. I don’t mind that thought. The top itself is very sexy, very fun and definitely lets your partner know that you’re ready! I love the embroidered detailing along the bottom, I think it adds a little extra character. The panties for this set, weren’t my favorite, but were still nice nonetheless.

I didn’t think I could love 2 different types of robes, but this Helena lace robe stole my heart. This robe set is meant to be nothing but ultra sexy. The set comes with this beautiful robe and a simple G-string. Of course for the sake of the blog, I did have to cover up. However, this robe definitely takes your sexiness up 10 notches. The lace trimming lays on the body nicely, it gently sways when you walk…especially if you have heels on. If you opt to wear nothing underneath, the mesh doesn’t irritate your skin, and allows your so play coy but still heat things up.

My ultimate favorite piece is the katia halter top & panty set. This set is EVERYTHING. I felt so sexy and I couldn’t stop staring at myself in the mirror. The halter top fit perfectly because it’s a long line bra so it gives me the coverage that I like. The bottoms we very comfortable and didn’t dig into my stomach. This set does come with detachable garters, so if you’re into that, definitely get this set. You won’t regret this and if you’re wearing this for your boo, I’m pretty sure it won’t be on for long!

Want to here more of my thoughts and see what else I was sent? Check out my Try-On Haul video on my YouTube Channel now. And remember to use my code CLOSET for 50% off 1 item and FREE shipping in the US & Canada.


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