What I wore to Explore Ghana

What I wore to Explore Ghana

Hey Loves,

It feels good to be back on the blog. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that in March I traveled to Ghana with 16 other amazing women. This was my first time to Ghana and Africa as a continent. To say I was excited was an understatement. I was quite proud of myself for NOT overpacking because as a blogger it can be very easy to over pack. Hayet Rida was very specific about certain pieces that we had to pack in order to capture certain images. However, I wanted to share with you the other pieces I packed to make sure I looked my best while my feet were on African soil. Check out what I wore to explore Ghana.

Our first full day, the weather did not disappoint. It was beautiful and warm…no scratch that it was HOT! HOT! HOT! and I loved every bit of the weather. For that, I packed my new favorite crop top from 3430. I wrote about them during small business Saturday. It was super lightweight and didn’t stick to my skin so I could feel the light breeze that did blow. I paired it with this cuffed boyfriend shorts from Lane Bryant. I wore these jeans to the BONE all trip. The fit perfectly, the length was perfect for my preference. I liked that I could wear a belt or not, I could wear a crop top or a bodysuit. These shorts were a staple for this trip and I am so grateful to Lane Bryant for these shorts.

So Hayet threw a pool party at her mother’s house for us to welcome us for our first full day in Ghana. I wore my Rue 107 Anita bikini top & bottoms. I needed something easy, light and that showed my midriff to wear because I needed some color there. This bikini was perfect. Rue 107 bathing suits always do it for me.

Later on that night we headed to one of Accra’s hottest clubs; Carbon. I pulled out my Rue 107 Kamiel wrap top and my oldie but goodie Lovedrobe skater skirt. Hayet said pull out your thot wear and that is exactly what I did. I wanted my “girls” on display and this wrap top did just that. The skirt I’ve had for ages and I have worn it into the ground over the last 5 or 6 years, Ghana’s clubs are a total lit fest so you HAVE to come to correct. The top definitely make a bit of an issue as I was getting turnt up and twerking but hey, what can I say? I was in Africa.

For our trip to the Aqua Safaree, I threw on this super popular Lane Bryant tiered pleated maxi dress. We spent our day at a beachfront resort where we took a nice boat ride, had the option to jetski and took a dance class. Which was EPIC. The dress was perfect for the day; kept me cool, paired perfectly with the wind, allowed me to get some sun, and

This dress is actually skirt. Made by Markell Mockabee, I had the awesome chance to rock this piece she made. Most importantly it’s a one size fits all because the waistband is a drawstring. So it can fit different sizes.

I’m completely in love with this 2 piece from Always for Me. I couldn’t wait to shoot this number on the beach. After our group photos, I quickly ran back to my room and changed. I loved the fit and I felt super sexy.

For our final night in Ghana, we had a beachfront party at The Sandbox and the one requirement was for us to be dressed in all white. I found this romper at Boohoo.com. I always seem to catch Boohoo when it has really good sales and this romper was 50% off so you know I had to scoop it up for this trip. I thought the one long sleeve would make my arm hot, but to my surprise, I was completely comfortable.

This dress…OMG this dress! It is literally everything. When I found out that I need a really nice dress for Ghana, I reached out to my favorite plus indie designer, Courtney Noelle. She always gets me right. I knew I wanted a maxi dress and I knew I wanted to show off “the girls” The first time I tried the dress on, I was over the moon. I couldn’t now wait to rock this dress. Courtney knows I always struggle with the length of my maxi dresses, so she always makes sure that I can wear the dress with heels or flats. Talk about a total win!!!


There you have it, these were my looks from my trip to Ghana. Now of course if you aren’t a blogger, and you’re looking to keep it simple, a nice breezy dress, breathable tops and shorts are all you need. Let me know what’s on your travel bucket list.





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