Yellow & Print

Yellow & Print

If you’ve been following my blog, you all know I’m in love with color and print. Whether it’s on me or on someone else. And recently I’ve been buying things with strong prints. The outfit I wore today was relatively last minute but organinc.
The skirt I got from Eddy & Bri and from the time I got it in the mail, I’ve been trying to figure out an outfit. I originally planned to be safe & wear it with my black sheer button up from Forever 21, cause of the black in the skirt. but it didnt really speak to my heart. But when I woke up on the morning I planned to wear it, I didnt realized I didn’t want to wear the black shirt! So as I as going through my drawers I saw this shirt and I knew immediately that this would be my outfit for the day. It’s a basic long sleeve shirt from fashion to figure. This is a perfect example why they say you need to have the basics in your closet.
I’m so in love with this look! As I usually am with my more organic outfits. It’s fun and loud…just the way I like it!
Outfit Details
Shirt-Fashion to Figure
Skirt- Eddy & Bri
Shoes- Shoe Depot
Bag- Urban Outfitters

 I tried to channel my inner model!

Until next time ladies! 



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