Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Summer dress fits!

So I brought this dress back in November. I haven't been able to wear it simple because when I wore it was entirely to short. So i would wear it as a shirt instead. night I put it on, and it is actually wearable. meaning it's not super short. I could actually wear it in public and feel comfortable in it! yay! me! btw the dress is from Walmart!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Romper

This romper I got from Torrid back in December for like $20 it was on clearance. I mean honestly who would wear this in the middle of the winter in December (im from jersey so you can imagine that wouldnt be too fun) but any way, it a little big so i've actually never worn it out in public. and its also kinda awkward cause I have to wear a belt with it, and find a cute belt that goes with this look is proving to be rather difficult.

But yea so i tried it on the other night in the midst of me playing dress up and i remembered i had this belt i got for like $5 at this store on buford hwy in Atl. I wouldn't wear this outfit with this belt, but it'll do for the sake of this post. in case you haven't noticed I'm in love with rompers. and now I'm on a mission to find more floral and print rompers. I have four denim rompers already so I'm looking extend my collection.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dresses and Combat Boots

So this dress I bought about three years ago when i turned 18  to go to the club. I never...and I mean never wear it cause its just so damn bright lol but last night I got this awesome outfit idea. I'm thinking to get a dress that's just like the pink, in a much darker color and rock it just like this.

I'm in love with my combat boots, so I'm always looking for something to wear with them. and of course the vest and belt just made the outfit. I can't even lie.

Dress- Know Style
Vest- Old Navy
Boots- Walmart
Belt- Lane Bryant

Belts, Skinny, Jeans and Tucked in Shirts

So in the midst of massive bordem last night I decided to play dress up! You may recall i said i'm experimenting with tucking my shirt in my jeans/shorts! I experimented Saturday i wore a white t-shirt with this jeans and my sandals. I liked the look so much i tried it again. and this time i tossed on my favorite pumps my favorite bag and this is what you get. Surprisingly to me, i didn't think I would like these Ashley Stewart jeans, I'm not a fan of them cause usually the rise on the jeans are so long and are really annoying and unflattering to me, but it works for this look! what do you think????

I am loving this look sooooo much right now. I feel chic and I feel SUPA fierce!

Shirt, Belt-Lane Bryant
Jeans-Ashley Stewart
Shoes- Shoeland
Bag- Thrifted
Jewelry- H&M, Forever 21, thrifted

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rompers in the Dressing Room!

So the other day to kill some time I was in Target and I came across the absolutely adorable romper. I cant even explain how much i loved it. However it was a little too tight and a tab bit to short. I ended up not buying it because it just didn't fit right.

But just cause I didnt buy doesnt mean I can enjoy myself in front of the mirror!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Degree has my name next 2 a B.A.

so in case you haven't noticed...I GRADUATED! May 7th I became and alumnus of Oglethorpe University. i received my Bachelors of Arts in Communications and Rhetoric Studies with a minor in Studio Art. It was four years and a long time coming. I was SUPA excited. It was a beautiful day in Atlanta. Sadly I don't have any full pics of my dress. You can sort of see it in the bottom pic. but yea I DID IT!!!!

Getting ready 2 reek havoc with the girlies

Gettin to head out with the besties. Just threw this on, something simple. I didnt have much to choose from cause my clothes are split between my mom and my dad's houses. so yea. i know its been awhile since i posted but I have good reason and you will see what it is in the next post!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebrating in Red Shorts!

So i know I'm a horrible blogger, I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks. But you know school and finals and things get in the way. But today is special day because I have finished ALL my finals and I am done with my undergraduate work. I am exactly 5 days away from get my B.A. so I'm quite #geeked. and naturally i had to look good such a day this. this is like a double header because I have been wantin to show you guys the awesome shorts I got from Forever 21.
Ya'll know I am basically in love with Forever21. so about 2 weeks ago they were  having one of their yellow tag sales. and I these shorts for $10 and another pair in beige for $10 yikes!!! they're awesome and SUPA comfortable. I have been wanting to be more bold with color, which is why i got them in red. cause I have denim shorts but I was tired of wearing the same things. So when I saw these I jus had to have them.

I'm getting into tucking in my shirts and wearing belts. I'm still kinda worried about how it looks, but the more compliments I get, the more comfortable I become. I'm actually feeling quite dope in this outfit sooo yea.
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