Friday, May 31, 2013

Rewind My Red Dress

Hey Loves,

This summer I told myself I really wanted to stay away from high low dresses and skirts, because they are practically EVERYWHERE lol The market is so saturated with the cut that I'm in overload. But as I was getting dressed on this dreadfully hot day in NJ/NY I pulled out this dress that was all the way in the back of my closet. It was one of my favorites from last summer.

So I went against my own word and wore it lol. But I remember why I loved this dress so much. It is super light, comfy and perfect for a day with it's sweltering out and I have to walk. And best of all it fits soooooo much better this year, than it did last year.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Jewelry: Dots

 This dress always made me want to dance!

Until next time loves


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Roaring One Piece

I know with all the excitement around rockin bikinis, I still get some women that ask about one pieces. So may feel like they can't be sexy in a one piece. And they are trying to figure out what to do. So I took it upon myself to pull out one of my favorite one pieces. I've had this bathing suit since before college. There was a time when I couldn't fit it. But after having been doing the #pspfit bootcamp, I can fit back into it.

But anyway, for me I am definitely planning to be on someone's beach or at someone's pool this summer. I'm a Jersey girl, it should be illegal to not be at the beach lol. So for this I wanted to throw on a wrap, something  that can go from the water to the board walk.

Bathing Suit: Ross
Wrap: Scarf used as a wrap via H&M
Wedges: Target
Sunglasses: Lunettes Kollektion

Live love laugh

If you walk this earth feeling sexy, then everyone around you will feel it!

When I tell you I cannot wait to stand in one of  our glorious oceans this summer, I mean just that.

 For me, feeling sexy in a one piece is all about find the "right" one piece. 
-Pay close attention to sizing.
-Check to see if the suit itself is sized by your bra size, or if it is size by numbers.
-Make sure  if you are busty, you want the suit to give you proper support
-If you aren't busty, (as I'm not) some bathing suits offer removable cups, which you can add or take away to create a little more lift

Stores with good options for  great one pieces

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Old Navy
  • Ross (for my southern girls)
  • Forever 21
  • Macy's
  • Lord & Taylor
  • Lane Bryant
  • Torrid
  • and of course a host of online shops

 Until next time loves!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Olori Parade of Designs" Invade Brooklyn

You ever been driving down the street and you’re immediately stopped in your tracks by a parade of fantastic fashion? Well that was the feeling on this pass Saturday May 18th.  Just when you thought Brooklyn has shown all it’s about, it comes back with another one two combo. Outside of vintage clothing store Shirley & Alice owned by celebrity stylist Khalilah Williams-Webb  a Parade of African inspired fashion stormed the sidewalk causing pedestrians and drivers alike to stop and stare. I can tell you I was glad to be attend such an event.
Adeleke Sijuwade

Celebrity stylist and Designer Adeleke Sijuwade premiered his spring/summer 2013 line in a very in your face kind of way. But you just have to love it. Beautiful bold prints unique to African design, hung on the bodies of beautiful models that made you do a double take (in a good way)

Offering floor length gowns, short rompers and everything in between there is something for everyone. But personally what I loved most was his attention to detail. Adding jewels around the shoulder, having a tapered leg, adding texture in unconventional ways. And of best of all they had POCKETS!!! Lol you all know pockets for me are a seal the deal thing lol

As I was walking around, with my wine glass and hand, courtesy Fabipops (who by the way has awesome cakepops) , I took in all of these one of a kind pieces and just enjoyed being in the middle of a parade of prints. His collection is sold at Shirley & Alice located on 434 Marcus Garvey blvd. in Brooklyn. If you don't see something you like, a custom piece is always a possibility.

Until next time loves.


(all photo credit goes to Josiah Esowe of

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Motherly Mint

Hey Loves,

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies, young, old, with one child or 10. Everyday is your day, but especially on today.

So I spent the morning in Church for our annual mother's day service. My mom was out of town for most of the day. But I got to spend the evening with her.  I don't have much to say but I was so love with my outfit that I just want to post it lol

Outfit Details:
Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: American Apparel

I have to say I couldn't wait to wear this dress. I got it from Forever 21. When I 1st saw I wasn't sold on it. But then I thought about the possibilities of the dress. And I made sure to make it mine. It's perfect for this weather. It's not to heavy and it fit so well.

Ha long hair don't care!

My bestie got me this bag, last year for christmas, and it is one of my favorites. I can admit that American Apparel can be over priced but they are truly of great quality.

I saw this belt at Lane Bryant about a month ago. I'm so glad that I was able to find it. You will see this belt many more times.

Again HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to everyone. Enjoy the beautiful on this beautiful day. What do you think?


Friday, May 10, 2013

All White and Then Some

Hey loves,

I'm sure a lot of you are gearing up for Full Figured Fashion Week. And we know the hottest event to prep for is the All White Party *hits my dougie* Now that sounds all well and good, but now the task is to find something all white to wear.

Of course the goal here is to still be fly. But at the same time weather appropriate. Because New York in June can be pretty ugly. But have no fear. Ashley Stewart is to the rescue. (please ignore my very cliche line just now) But in all seriousness, Ashley Stewart is one of the sponsors for this year's FFFWeek. So it is only right that they offer great options for an event that has proven to be off the charts.

And if you read my post from earlier this week, we want to try to buy staples pieces. Pieces we don't mind wearing again and again. Of course we have to be careful with white cause....well its white lol

Ashley Stewart was kind enough to send over some pics of their all white choices. So let's see what Ashley Stewart has to offer...

Sleeveless circle lace maxi about summer ready. This is super on trend. And as I mentioned something like this can be worn throughout the entire summer.

Ok real talk I think I need to actually buy this jumpsuit, just of principle alone lol You can never go wrong with a jumpsuit. Worn right it can take you from being casual to super chic in minutes.

For my loves that rather go with pants, Ashley Stewart always offers great pants. My favorite pair of jeans is from AS (but I digress) pairing a great bottom with sexy (appropriate sexy) top is always chic and fashion forward.

Not your basic dress. Sometimes white can be somewhat whomp whomp so having a little flare...ruffles...will add to it.

So for my loves that are going to FFFWeek I hope to see you there. And if you pick up something from Ashley Stewart be sure to let me know! A special thank you to Ashley Stewart for send these awesome pics. Talk about total inspiration.

Until next time loves


Spring Time Florals

Hey Loves,

This look was kind of inspired by my love Kelly of Masque Mag. I saw her in her great pink blazer looking so ready for the weather. I just knew I had to throw on something that made me feel extra springy (yup i made up a new word lol)

The sun is shining and if you've been following me for some time, you would know that I personally hate to cover my legs in warm weather. I need to be in skirts, shorts and dresses. So when I was watching the news this morning, they said NY would hit a high of 78 degrees, your girl was ready to bring the gams out!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Closet Sale
Belt: Vintage (moms drawer)
Shoes: Target
Glasses: Lunettes Kollektion

 So I got this really awesome dress from a closet sale that Plus Model Mag sponsored earlier this year. I got it for only $10 #score!

 The weather has been sucky to say the least. So it is such an awesome feeling to be able to show some skin and feel cute. Oh spring/summer how I've missed thee.

When I bought the dress I worried if it would be good for the warm weather. Cause you know the weather here in NJ/NY can be soooooo rude lol But it's actually very light.

I really love the print of this dress. When I saw it just knew it had to be mine.  I do need to have it altered a bit. Being that I am not a busty girl the top have of the dress is rather big on me. But please believe I made it work for today lol.

These are my favorite glasses. They are from a German designer by the name of Lunettes Kollektion. I love them. They fit my face so well. And they can be dressed up and chic but still have vintage vibe. It's a win win for me.

So there you have it. I hope you all are ready to enjoy this weather. How are you ringing in spring?

Until next time loves


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Like Simple Pieces

Hey Loves,

One thing we always hear people say is that we need to have staples pieces in our wardrobe. And I can't agree more. Don't get me wrong I love over top options, but sometimes those options don't translate into everyday life. Typically I would like to take pic outside, buuuuuuuut it was raining cats and dogs outside today and I was not about that life lol

This morning I had to meet with a job recruiter (still on the job hunt, if you know of any openings email) yup that was a shameless plug lol. But anyway, I went to my basic, simple and very "Shainna" outfit. A simple black skirt, a cami and a cardigan, a belt and great shoes. I personally do not like to fit the "norm" when it comes to going to interviews. I don't even own a suit. Don't confuse it, I won't show up looking a mess either. I just like to let people know that I am serious, but fashion is very much a part of me.

SO lets get into my outfit.

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: H&M
Cami: Fashion to Figure
Skirt: Torrid
Shoes: Target

My cardigan, you've all seen before. I got it from H&M and I am so in love with it. So many of my fellow bloggers always find great pieces in H&M and when I say this cardigan, I just knew it had to be mine. I got it  in a size 10 and it fits perfect.

This skirt I've had for quite awhile. Going on a good 4 years now. I got it from Torrid and use to wear it all the time to church. It does have some wear to it but it is still in great condition. I've had my ups and downs with Torrid. But this skirt has done me so well. Love it.

Theses let me tell you about these shoes. I was walking around in Target, totally not looking for anything, and saw these beauties in my size and they were only $8.98 uh YEEEEAAAA lol

So there you have it loves. What are your go to pieces? Let me know loves

Until next times


Friday, May 3, 2013

Another Bathing Suit Post

Hey Loves,

I'm sure you've seen a million of these post, cause it's that time of the year. Everyone is asking the same question, "where can I find a great bathing suit?"

I have my choices, which we'll get to below. But allow me to give you my view on buying a good bathing suit. I know we're all strapped for cash. Not every one can afford to spend a couple $100 on a bathing suit. But the old saying is true, you get what you pay for.

-A decent bathing suit that looks good, is of quality, and has support, will cost you. But it will be money well spent.

-Bathing suit shopping should be fun. A lot of people start to freak about when buying a bathing suit, but let's change our minds and the views of our bodies.

-Try different cuts and shapes. Just like shopping for regular clothes, bathing suit should make you feel good as well

-Don't be afraid of COLOR!!!! Black is cool, but nothing beats a sexy bathing suit in a bold color, or great print.

All the choices I've listed below are great retailers that have always offered great options. Everything is totally on trend, and of quality. But enough of that. Let's take a look at some swim suits shall we....

Forever 21


Becca Etc.

So as you can see so far, I have put up quite a ffew 2 pieces. Why? because I expect to see all my curvy/plus sizes/ thick loves in bikinis. It's all about feel sexy and embracing your curves. Finding the right cut  can do wonders.
Swim Suits for All

 Monif C.


I actually have the blue and red Rue bathing suit. I absolutely can't wait to wear it on someone's beach. Being a Jersey girl, the shore and walking along the boardwalk is something we grow up doing. Despite the damage the hurricane sandy did, I will make my way to the shore this summer. But the bottoms fit so well and they cover my extra fluff just right.
 Rue 107

 Sorella Swim
Lane Bryant

So there you have it loves. These are great places to buy your swimsuit for the hot summer days that are coming fast and hard. Remember loves, have fun with this. Don't worry about what others will think, don't be afraid to show skin. We're allowed to be fun, flirty and sexy on the beach or at the pool. So go crazy and go wild!

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